22 responses to “Judith Butler. Primo Levi for the Present. 2006 1/10”

  1. jakob0815

    Bah! Emanze!

  2. rasavonwerder

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  3. freethinker17

    hahahahaha look at the comment below.

  4. DutiusAndersson

    Thanks for posting this!

  5. egsvideo

    thank you for the comment. i hope you enjoy the other lectures as well.

  6. gustavpace

    i love these vids, keep it up!

  7. purpleviolet82

    Thank you so much for posting this!

  8. 82emilia

    Always a pleasure to to listen to JB. Not that it matters, but it interests me a little:
    Does any one know her sexual orientation?


    shes gay… as everybody knows

  10. markab26


  11. raynaharris

    Why is it important to you??
    seriously speaking not as an attack…

  12. argotechnica

    Actually, as she describes herself in JUDITH BUTLER, PHILOSOPHE EN TOUT GENRE, a documentary about her life, I believe she talks about being critically “undeclared,” “undecided,” or somesuch. The more of her stuff you read, the more it makes sense; if gender/sexuality is performative, then sexuality is only an accumulation of who you’ve been in the past, thus any declaration of “this is my sexuality” can only ever be a historically contextual thing anyway.

  13. kenbirk

    She should be invited to EGS next year.

  14. zigulyte

    I must say having all these EGS videos available here for free is one of the best things that happened on You Tube. Many thanks!

  15. niccolo84

    SHE doesn’t even understand what the hell she is reading!!!!

    “human relationality” ???

  16. ToroAzzurro

    it’s primo levi, not levy.

  17. 4LuC

    if someone translate this to spanish, million of people will apreciate that… please :(

  18. egsvideo

    thank you for the comment. we will be delighted to add subtitle/caption files if someone wants to provide a spanish or french translation. (search: youtube captions and subtitles). thank you.

  19. egsvideo

    thank you for the comment, and thank you for spotting this. it has been corrected.

  20. 4LuC

    :D :D :D

  21. nunobranco22

    wow. crazy dude. :)

  22. Vanzetti1936

    I pissed myself!

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