Kevin Horton appears on CSI Season 7 episode 3.

OMFG KEVIN HORTON. Kevin Horton is extremely sweet. I so happened to go to the same high school as he, and have found a video of him appearing on CSI (Season 7, Episod 3 titled Toe Tags). He rocks my world. He is the one wearing the blue striped shirt. Cheers.

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18 responses to “Kevin Horton appears on CSI Season 7 episode 3.”

  1. dliu08

    Moundsview High School.

  2. greengrass789


  3. vanhalenbros

    haha cool mvhs grad

  4. LuVaHgiLaHsA

    Woo hoo!! Go Mustangs!

  5. abedirad

    oh grisom owned!!!

  6. JHelget72

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeah Mustangs… Kevin is bomb

  7. sukkmyryk

    you will not be scared because 90% is the type of music

  8. sukkmyryk

    How do you deal with the smell?

  9. lppol0

    they get used to the smell…. plus this is fake, but if it were real, they probably would have like masks on… DUH

  10. sophialeb

    can u upload the whole episodE?

  11. XhotiFifi

    Mustangs fight fight fight fight!!!!! YEAH!!! Go Moundsview!!!

  12. 380800

    Whats that piano song in the end??

  13. milkeyandy

    The song is Sleepers awake by Bach.I love this piano version!
    1.23 cute smile:)Grisom is hot:D

  14. ecochick444

    yes, please upload the whole thing!

  15. superbrandiandleah9

    whoop go mounds view. yeah my sister went there and im going next year. Go kevin! hah

  16. BlackTarHeroinTiger

    Kevin Horton has a penis.

  17. 08posdom

    LOL kevin hortan goes 2 our skool XD

  18. mindylinky

    I liked this episode, but the story with the Soldier who died was a little sad 🙁

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