Kung Fu Hillbilly – Training Video

Diemon Daves Ninja School is in session. Watch this clip and learn some of Diemon Daves kung fu secrets. Don’t try this at home. Also, make sure to check out www.jerryspringertv.com for more videos, games and merchandise from The Jerry Springer Show!!!!

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25 responses to “Kung Fu Hillbilly – Training Video”

  1. MrMentalflossed

    OMG after 20 years of training i suddenly see the error of my instruction , my kung fu is WEAK ,..roflmao,.. where do i sign up to take this class?!?!

  2. RebeYell324


  3. HandyMan817

    “There ain’t no judi chop right that yonder…”

  4. iiGeeeeorgex3


  5. Claxtonism

    diemon dave has a fifteen minute video for sale with new moves and new weapons. i have one. paid $20 bucks, that included shipping, too. is the funniest thing ever. respond to my comment with e-mail address and i will e-mail you the number to call to talk live with diemon dave and he himself will sell you one of his videos, but beware, it is so funny i ruptured my spleen laughing so hard. one of his new moves is called the over the top judy chop & shows how to defend the ninja star

  6. mvpdlrg

    i hardly understand him for some of the video lol

  7. tylergardner3

    I want to thank you for your amazing video!! The judo chop saved my life against my cat. and dont even get me started on how the ninja star helped in my battle in the trailer park. You are my hero!

  8. carboost96

    Diemon Dave is the MAN

  9. kingrocker44

    Wonder Woman gained weight!

  10. dereksmallsuk

    ha ha funny cunt

  11. steadfastnloyal1

    this is staged

  12. MsSoph101

    are u kidding this is a joke my friends cuz is better than him and hes a ninja

  13. chodge20

    Bubba Army!!

  14. rastaARTi

    this guy was on jerry springer i saw it like a week ago lol shit is retarded hes serious about it too

  15. TheMrarduan

    ninjas come in all flavors

  16. AllegroConBrio67

    @tylergardner3 LOL

  17. Stonehenge442

    this is a joke right, cause its funny as hell. now if hes being for real, than this man needs a mental institution

  18. 8178tim

    is this guy foreal lol omg that was too funny lol judychop lmao

  19. Claxtonism

    jeff sherwood has a ugly fat ass old lady and an even uglier kid.

  20. bowser91


  21. ScaryTeri101

    I’d buy it for laughs :D

  22. MunisAwesome

    Thank you Kung Fu Hillbilly, After watching this video. I think I’m ready to take on Jackie Chan, Brock Lesnar, and Bruce Lee all at the same time.

  23. jiggabooo23


  24. jiggabooo23

    yayyay gvhh

  25. grantgalbreath8413

    169 people need to be judy chopped

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