Lakewood Ranch High School Marching Band 2005-2006

This is the Lakewood Ranch High School Marching Mustang Band during the 2005-2006 school year. Their show was entitled: “THE CRIME FIGHTER CHRONICLES” Musical selections include: Part 1: The Glory Days Part 2: Tess’s Theme Part 3: The Incredits This video is a collection of performacnes, pieced together for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy, comment, and rate!

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15 responses to “Lakewood Ranch High School Marching Band 2005-2006”

  1. OloEopia52

    awesome! we rocked it that year!

  2. TonyDanza007

    really weak low brass :/

  3. RaelynnM

    Ugh. I’m so glad I graduated from that school. i hated that school.
    But the marching band was good.

  4. AeyrWulff

    MAN i wish I didn’t graduate the year before…I really wanted to do this show!

  5. Johndoe214

    This year was awesome!

  6. ebyros

    im gonna join next year in 9th grade. Lakewoods band is good. Nolan Middle (Fl Not Texas!!!) is also a good band to start out band

  7. the180curse567

    i wonder if they are 5A or 4A…it looks like a 5A band

  8. gatormanjake

    It’s 4A.

  9. animequeen6

    I cant wait till next year to go there it gonna be so fun

  10. SpartanQueeeen

    this is the best show LRHS has ever done!

  11. betterthansex123

    this is gay

  12. SpongeboobTitePants

    LRHS football team sucks dirty dick last game i went to BRHS whooped them like 46 to 7

  13. ebyros

    lol I Know! THey failed! LRHS Football is sucking in recent years!!! I think they beat SE tho which must mean theyre really bad

  14. SpongeboobTitePants

    no southeast is one of the best teams.but lakewood ranch got a a sneak touchdown cus southeast punted it and thought it was down and started waking off da field and LHRS just ran it back.and also LHRS chop blocked there best player so they cheated him out of the game.

  15. OloEopia52

    LOVE this show.

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