Largo, FL teacher charged with having sex with a student 36-year-old Alyson Perri-Jarvis, who teaches 3rd grade at Southern Oaks Elementary School in Largo, was arrested by deputies on one-count of unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

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6 responses to “Largo, FL teacher charged with having sex with a student”


    YIKES! thats a scarely lookin bitch.. yea i’d report her too lol

  2. LikeItIs0809

    You’re right. Put that face on Debra LaFave and she would have got 50 years. I wonder what all the hypocrites who thinks it’s ok for female teachers to sleep with under age students, but no so for male teachers would have to say about this hot teacher?

  3. kyori22

    maybe if a boy is very desprate lol

  4. ugot2bkiddingme2009

    sick people

  5. 8H2324

    hahahaha her face

  6. Ollized

    School systems need to step up and do something about this crisis

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