LASD & LAPD Response to Officer down & Crime Scene

Well All those speeding cop cars from which this video is a response too, were headed to this shots fired, Officer down(11-99) call in Gardena, CA. There were atleast around 100 – 200 police officers that responded to the backup call. Soon after SWAT trucks Rescue (1) & (2) pulls up at the corner and police block off the roads and start a MASSIVE man hunt, and at 1 point i looked up and the sky was filled with about 8 choppers (both News and Police), and about 2 – 3 police search and rescue …

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25 responses to “LASD & LAPD Response to Officer down & Crime Scene”

  1. fartsism

    yes believe it, you should go in your house, the gunman could have still been in that area. Don’t listen to the idiot novapj. I have 9 sheriff friends, they would have told me the same thing. You’re not really allowed to stay right where you are.

  2. miked9372

    to protect and serve

  3. stopcraponutube

    At 2:10 where had those 3 cop cars been? The doughnut shop? They should be fired for turning up so late!

  4. lostinspace005

    yeah and catch a bullet while you’re at it….. I don’t know where you get your info from, but there is such thing as “Contamination of crimes scenes or witnesses” and you can be arrested for interfering with investigations, and or disturbing crime scenes and some cities have on their ordinance that you can be arrested/fined if your disobey a sworn officer or peace officer while in discharge of their duties…… stay home stay safe, let the real reporters do the reporting in this circumstances.

  5. lostinspace005

    My guess is that because the crime scene or search area is too big, they need more officers so they requested more officers from other stations….which can be far away. …I think you should be fired too.

  6. novapj

    real reporters rarely do real reporting anyways, however anyone amatuer attempting to report is jut as real as a paid profesional,it’s about the images you capture and story you can tell..and you cant be arrested for interferring ith a crime scene unless you have like overstepped cones or gone under yellowtape and into a marked the video above there isnt even a crime scene active, anywhere the camera can go is legit and no disobeying a officer is not an offense, learn some civil rights.

  7. stopcraponutube

    It’s kinda hard to fire myself since I’m self employed!

  8. youcef

    If this is in Gardena then the Sheriff units that responded are from Lennox station.

    Other units would be Gardena, School police, CHP, Hawthorne, possibly Torrance and perhaps Inglewood.

  9. stephens2007

    you don’t know what you are talking about once the police lock down a area it is no longer a public area but when they clear the area it becomes public again you really should look in to stuff before you comment on things you don’t know about

  10. Africanisse

    damn there’s lots of police cars in LA? There are probably more police cars in LA then there is in the whole of Sweden :-)

  11. backatchalol

    theres around 60,000 police men in LAPD and 9 million people in Los Angeles

  12. bassetthound007

    exactaly the same footage at 0:15 and 0:50, someone correct me if im wrong

  13. bc777isbt

    Your wrong at the end of 0:50 keep watching a grey car drives by a couple of seconds after and not in the first just the same footage cause that’s all he’s filming and he has the same shaky cammera pattern thats all.

  14. bc777isbt

    1:03 is exactly when the car drives by for proof and not in the 0:15 filming its not the same.

  15. Africanisse

    9 million yeeeee thats Swedens whole population :-) and only 26000 police officers to “protect” us or whatever they are supose to do.

  16. JamNJay23

    ^_^ OOOoooooOooo My God That is SsOOOoO Sweet when they talk from the patrol cars P.A.

  17. evitts78

    theres 10,000 officers with LAPD.

  18. infamousdeath

    who gave you that number? LAPD has less than 10,000 officers.

  19. haysver

    i dont see any LAPD units only LASD and Gardena police

  20. sunsetreptiles

    what do you expect when they here officer down officer down on the radio. its one of there brothers down. what would you do if someone you love got shot and some how you heard it on the radio would you and your family and friends come

  21. sunsetreptiles

    but that is a shit load of cops. I guess it was still going on when you were taping this. but cool thing to get on video well in a way.

  22. soxcaloc

    damn that was some sick footage. damn that was a rape load of cops.

  23. disney798

    Just, don’t mess with the popo or the 5-0. I’m not in a gang, but I just like saying those signs for them.

  24. 04saleenboy

    How many times do they have to tell you to go back inside before you finally listen?!

  25. 10khampton0728

    Nope LAPD has 10,005 officers as of 11-5-09 at 5:00PM according to the LAPD website.

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