Latino hate crime : in Long Island, NY : Gang Looked for ‘Mexican to Beat Up’

Nov.10, 2008 Police say gang of teenagers from Pathogue Medford High School on Long Island went out Looking for ” Mexicans to beat up” On the night a 37 year-old Ecuadorian Immigrant was found dead.

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25 responses to “Latino hate crime : in Long Island, NY : Gang Looked for ‘Mexican to Beat Up’”

  1. thetito626

    They are getting theyre ass kiked in jail by Hispanivs i bet how ironic

  2. TemerosoDeDios

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  3. TemerosoDeDios

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  4. TemerosoDeDios

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  5. HardBodyNyC

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  6. bryeinsteinmc2

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  7. bryeinsteinmc2

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  8. TemerosoDeDios

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  9. bryeinsteinmc2

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  12. bryeinsteinmc2

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  13. TemerosoDeDios

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  14. organo8412

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  15. TemerosoDeDios

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  16. jalisco78


    In what world do you live idiot?

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  17. bryeinsteinmc2

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  18. organo8412

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  19. TemerosoDeDios


  20. organo8412

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  21. TemerosoDeDios

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  23. TO0DLES213

    Have you seen the way Mexicans treat their Indians? Why the fuck should we feel sorry for Mexicans when Mexicans are worse, just look at the way they treat Indians. Mexicans should learn English, the same way Mexicans force their Indians to speak Spanish. Everything about mexicans is so hypocritical.

  24. Ilikepancakes19

    Who are u 2 make such generalization if obviously u have no right 2. R U Mexican? I think not. If u are white then you have no right when it comes to speaking of matters conserning natives.

  25. Ilikepancakes19

    I hate it when people try to rationalize violence against any race. I’m tired of white/black people hating on latins and vice versa. I understand that sometimes we as latins feel ganged up on but why should we let it affect us/make us feel angry. We should rise above it, and we should not react in anger. Any racist out there (whether white/latin/black/other) is the 1 who will be missing out because their close mindedness will act as a buffer to meeting many great people. It will destroy them.

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