Learn English 14 – Crime

Learn to ask and answer yes/no questions in the past tense in English using “did” and “didn’t”. In this beginner English lesson you will see a cyclist reporting a bicycle theft. He answers the police officer’s questions using the past tense. Start learning right away. Sign up for a free trial of Englishtown’s online school at bit.ly . Looking to study abroad? Visit www.ef.com for more information

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  1. fuku46

    Thanks a lot!
    These lessons is very usuful!

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    Good lesson.Thanks.

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    very gooood…

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    thanks for helping other useful lesson

  6. jasontta

    Excellent video, I learn how to report to 911 if any of my stuff is missing. Good to know what kinds of imformation are needed from the police to recover your lost goods.

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  8. hurricaneomega

    is there someting like this for Spanish

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