Learn How to Get Money Magically for Free – Scam School

This episode, we’re turning to the dark side and learning actual CRIME with Short Change. Remember, the following is for INFORMATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! So there.

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25 responses to “Learn How to Get Money Magically for Free – Scam School”

  1. skater4nater

    your the little bitch starting shit with me on youtube. go fuck yourself.

  2. Jonathansernel

    i wanna do that
    haha XD

  3. wardy1874hmfc

    thats the worst pint of guiness i have ever seen poured.

  4. iAllMighty

    lol 4:18 on the right is a ‘gay and lesbian’ option

  5. sarith321123

    Yah it would probly work I had to watch it 3 times to get what happened.. just make sure to keep the person busy

  6. freqeist

    cant believe they shoe-horned a blood advert in there!!

  7. shotgunpi

    whoa whoa wait there was *3* wads the 15 the other unknown wad and the 9 1’s so please explain that other group of money to the far left

  8. DreamingAboutDreams

    gay and lesbian at 4:18

  9. DKirshy1

    you only get one dollar

  10. Shortyyyz

    he gained like 9 more dollar…. not just 1

  11. artemisk

    He got $10 and a free drink

  12. MindOfAquarius

    I’ve seen someone get arrested for this because the person in line behind them was an off duty police officer who was well aware of what was happening.

  13. gamemak0r

    thats an awsome trick!

  14. Monkeycake267

    b a way to screw her out of a $10

  15. kyledub213

    You’re probably someone who would fall for this scam…

  16. kyledub213

    He gained 10. She gave him a 10 and a 20 which = $30 he gave her $20 total. He still paid for his drink though.

  17. ajhgfhgjbjhbjhb

    i dont get it haahha

  18. spongebobsucks34

    Someone tried this on me when I was working at a Subway bout a year ago. I caught them on it though and they had no choice but to give me the right amount.

  19. SpeedVideoz

    He would look better bald!

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  21. lockerzinvitezprogra

    PM me for an instant invite to LOCKERZ!

  22. sweetblueforu

    ironic that netflix is kind of a scam in itself..lol

  23. jsdave1992

    u only gained $5 including a free drink

  24. 4okimmiko4

    Check my video for the best free stuff site, period!!!!

  25. 41hukki

    omg he drink guinness without let it settle!

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