LPS A Life of Revenge (part 2) “Every crime comes with a consequence”

After Mortikiy killed Justin, a bunch of policemen were around the school questioning people, and looking for any evidence that might of lead up to the murder. Mortikiy gets very nervous and tries to hide it from Gillian, but she finds out and so does a police officer, Music titles: Darkest child, Deep Haze, Impending boom, and Movement Proposition. all by Kevin MacLeod

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25 responses to “LPS A Life of Revenge (part 2) “Every crime comes with a consequence””

  1. Paulalps158

    NO! PLZ GET AWAY *prays he will get aaway and paenrts go 2 prison*:/

  2. lpscrazyjess

    aaawsome love it so far

  3. theskye101

    I may get Mortikiy! :D

  4. Madison0724

    We’re did u get mordici

  5. webkinzsignature572

    Lol I have morkiki? And jillain and her wolf friend by the bathroom and Brandon XD

  6. LPSSuperStarGirl

    cool name motikiy

  7. gumdropkai

    AWESOME!!!:) LOVE ALL UR VIDEOS!!!!!!! P.S u know how I said I really wanted Gillian yeah well my mum brought it off eBay but I haven’t got it yet:’( My mum said it will take about 1 to 2 weeks to get her because it’s from the United States but I live in Australia so it will probally take a while. Oh it’s gonna be called Alex:) BTW there’s 1 more thing I would like to say……… icesslps you are everyone’s inspiration u are amazing!!!!!!!:) 100000000000000000000000000000 amazing!!!!!!!! So th

  8. gumdropkai

    So thanks for being awesome!!!!!:) never stop being awesome!!:) well I know u won’t because ur naturally awesome!!!!! Plz reply!!!

  9. gumdropkai

    That last comment was the rest of what I had to say because some of it got cut off for some reason???:)

  10. NiamhLPS


  11. superbubbio

    Can you make more

  12. sam9061000

    @superbubbio be pationt and wait she has a life and at least say please

  13. TheShaybuggy

    Awesome ending

  14. gumdropkai

    I got Gillian yesterday it only took 5 days!!:) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

  15. lpswolfguy

    i wish i had gillian and lps police great dane, mortikai and his mom .

  16. fatima8375

    @icesslps hi i am fatima8375.¿ when are you going to do :a life of revenge part 3?

  17. galaileda

    Please make part 3 soon!




    #3 please !

  20. icesswolves

    Omd!!!! Love it! But I feel sorry for him D:. It reminds me of a girl at school…..

  21. floraluvslps

    wow i never thought lps cud stand 4 local police station! i thought it was just littlest pet shop!

  22. elbugito

    oh yeah!!!!you rock

  23. lpsmandy11sbackup

    Noooooo it ended :(

  24. tycobb4191

    I would say fugue nuggets

  25. harmonyapril46

    nooo make part 3

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