Massive High School Gang Race Brawl (Warning)

A High school in Sydney, Australia went into lock-down on Thursday after the school erupted into violence after a gang of 10 Middle Eastern youth’s stormed onto school grounds sparking wild fight’s through-out the school. The attack’s lasted no more than 10 minutes but the intruder’s escaped after hearing Police sirens. Footage of the attack’s were posted on Youtube and received hundreds and thousands of views within a day but the videos were later pulled down and banned by Police claiming it would interfere with their investigation however some footage of a brawl that occurred that day was released to the public. The school is located in the Western Suburbs of Sydney where Gang activity and crime rates are high. Police wont reveal what exactly motivated the attack but did confirm it was gang related. the “victims” of the attack’s are members of an Asian gang which has been linked to an International crime group and the Intruders who started the attack are members of a well known gang which has been linked to a Sydney crime family. Fox News

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25 responses to “Massive High School Gang Race Brawl (Warning)”

  1. rezakhalilzada

    kill yourself for even having cameras like these :|

  2. intratown

    Fuckin dick wads

  3. prettyboyswag105

    Haha the second one all the white llike wat the fuck going on dam they fightin lol

  4. aidos2440

    i did love this country but the stupid government keeps letting in these Arab EFFwits, they dont deserve to live in this country. if i was prime minister i would say Fuck off were full!!!

  5. sreckopapucar

    group fight is for cowards and scared children, one on one is real deal

  6. marinagarza

    I’m glad I don’t teach at that school!

  7. SWEDwillynelson05

    whats the song called

  8. bloodz707

    it was a fight between afgans and asians

  9. pl3xd13

    im at that school atm lool

  10. danielpb10

    LA? lmao messicans

  11. altiair1

    what the fuck australia is full of fights

  12. totonaca99ps3


  13. NwaEazyE34


  14. shumaccaboi

    @sreckopapucar fucking respect duude, im sick of these fucked up gang fights.

  15. vsboy25

    Middle Eastern people have taken over Australia and have fucked it up.they are a threat to all in my view.

  16. sxchighflyer

    In situations like these, I wish i could storm in a and start firing bullets into the air to make everyone stop fighting and make them scared shitless

  17. Gabinix3

    crazy fight
    this was an organised fight but the asians thought it was off so they didnt bring their boys down and was jumped unexpectedly.. the guy with long hair is my mates mate
    his names jeff and hes a twin called harry and their eastwood boys
    asian pride bro they didnt give up

  18. Gabinix3

    @TheGhengizKHAN Cumberland highschool

  19. Gabinix3

    @PitPack 2118 rep bro LOL but i bum at strathfield LOL

  20. Gabinix3

    @bwordpatton LOL and what school do you go to?

  21. FEARLESS384

    Miffin4top said “Aussiepride” but what he cant see is that, those aussies are the ones getting fked side ways by only 10 intruders the whole school trambles.

  22. Nicholas4678

    dude i did it i started the fught it was me i fucken did it believe me it was me you guys gotta believe me i promise it was me on my mummas life im telling you it was me no one else the others were my little bitchs they just followed me there but dont forget it was me all me i did it no one else just me the one and only meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  23. FEARLESS384

    Nicholas shut the fk up mate ur probaly some 10 year kid who watches too much action movies. u wish u start a Fight cuz the only thing u can start is ur lil dick.

  24. Mriliketofu

    @Gabinix3 2122 eastwoooood

  25. Mriliketofu

    @PitPack is cumbo/calro counted as west? i thought it was north west cuz nearby epping is northwest?

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