Masterminds – It Takes A Thief (1 of 3)

Charismatic Florida native Paul Mathieson and his jet setting band of burglars traveled the country busting into safes and scoring over ten million dollars in cash, jewels, and gold. Not only was he an expert safe cracker, Mathieson invented new technology to defeat the most elaborate alarm systems. He ran a crime school out of his tool rental shop to train his crew to be the best in the business – and they were. Known as one of Americas most successful jewel thieves, the FBI described Mathieson as a 9.5 on the scale of sophistication.

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14 responses to “Masterminds – It Takes A Thief (1 of 3)”

  1. passthabongz

    nice vid thanks for uploading as it shows how tha pros do it

  2. trueChaos23

    one word-AWESOME

  3. Grendo147


    Learn how to write English. “tha pros” would laugh at you, kid.

    “YEAH PASS THE BONG, BRO!” – peon.

  4. willhancock2008

    do these buisness get money back or assured for the millions of dollars in jewelry they lose or something?

  5. rosham82

    If You Like This Show & Wanna Thankx 2 Uploader @MstrMndsTv
    Just Thumbs Up plz

  6. VertSk8er12

    im writing notes. XD

  7. KingofStarfox

    @Grendo147 you sound gay.

  8. mexicanboy92840

    anyone followers want to fix up some heist with me?

  9. mexicanboy92840

    @willhancock2008 It’s called insurace, a bounty is employed by the ins. comp. to personally try and track down the thiefs, so they won’t have to pay all that money!

  10. moneyxl00

    @mexicanboy92840 Yes, let’s go for the BANK OF AMERICA! lol.. we shall gather these skills and use them, but I’m pretty sure their outdated by 3-6 years lol…

  11. LockPicksPlusdotCom

    @mexicanboy92840 That’s bull! Insurance companies love a good heist because they pick up so many new customers after people hear about it! Most people are cheep and think it won’t happen to them or they will get insurance down the road so news of a heist is very good for the insurance company. So if a jeweler were going to get insurance, Which company would they get it from? The one who just paid out a large claim on a burglary. Crime does pay, Think about it.

  12. Bristow42

    When the cop said the crim though he was smarter than the cops, 10 years preves it.


    I want to be on masterminds 😀

  14. schlumbucket

    Good risk to reward ratio for serious thieves 🙂

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