Masterminds – It Takes A Thief (2 of 3)

Charismatic Florida native Paul Mathieson and his jet setting band of burglars traveled the country busting into safes and scoring over ten million dollars in cash, jewels, and gold. Not only was he an expert safe cracker, Mathieson invented new technology to defeat the most elaborate alarm systems. He ran a crime school out of his tool rental shop to train his crew to be the best in the business – and they were. Known as one of Americas most successful jewel thieves, the FBI described Mathieson as a 9.5 on the scale of sophistication.

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  1. divonne1978

    What else is new with greed lol

  2. funguysmall

    wouldnt it of been easier to run a hose pipe from the taps directly on to the safe

  3. greeniem

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  4. playboy6545

    @greeniem lol hahaha

  5. playboy6545

    Thanks 4 uploading all the mastermind’s episode’s!!! : .

  6. kad791

    phd in stealing jelewery

  7. soctaviam

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  9. sureiguess1

    @funguysmall GOOD IDEA! 😀 lol. never thought of that haha

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