Masterminds – It Takes A Thief (3 of 3)

Charismatic Florida native Paul Mathieson and his jet setting band of burglars traveled the country busting into safes and scoring over ten million dollars in cash, jewels, and gold. Not only was he an expert safe cracker, Mathieson invented new technology to defeat the most elaborate alarm systems. He ran a crime school out of his tool rental shop to train his crew to be the best in the business – and they were. Known as one of Americas most successful jewel thieves, the FBI described Mathieson as a 9.5 on the scale of sophistication.

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23 responses to “Masterminds – It Takes A Thief (3 of 3)”

  1. EonFigure

    my kinda guy

  2. C231630

    true mastermind…props

  3. ckrunkmike

    shoulda ran out the back dude..

  4. itsusdammit

    tru mastermind..but a little too griddy.

  5. Ingle92protege

    daaayyym 20 years is long time man

  6. kcitoable

    awesome,,,,bye bye madison, happy time behind bars…20 y is a lot…

  7. willhancock2008

    maddisons gonna need some ky jelly for where he going. 20 years of getting pumped is not gonna be pleasent.

  8. rosham82

    why 20 similar crime some1 got 9,10 or 15

  9. freakybub3

    masterminds should make one bout a prison escapist

  10. jenn1ifer

    greedy. not griddy

  11. jenn1ifer

    in county jail you only have to do two thirds of your time. and in state prison you only have to do half your time. so he will be doing about 10 years.

  12. sheemsheem

    20 years as a government slave, bad idea not to carry guns!

  13. 762full

    0:12 which model is that?

  14. KingofStarfox

    I agree he’s a genius, but there was a massive hole in his genius. He shouldn’t have neglected the police so much. Learn how they operate. Of course someone’s going to recognize such a unique MO. Why on earth would he not realize that?

  15. mexicanboy92840

    da reward was too high not to do it,
    dont blame the guy

  16. 69musclecars

    @762full Crysler 300 2009

  17. key56eco



    I want to be on masterminds :D

  19. michaelsavitsky

    @RIPPBLADE Good luck not getting caught. :)

  20. Dartha999

    @sheemsheem It would have been life if they did

  21. sheemsheem

    @Dartha999 l3ring H&K then ;-)

  22. Greenwolfdragon

    Honestly i don’t like this guy as much as some of the other Masterminds. Maybe its cause he really did need a crew :\

  23. counterfit88

    @michaelsavitsky if your on masterminds that means you got caught , dumb ass’s

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