Melissa Huckaby Arrested in Sandra Cantu Murder

Melissa Huckaby, 28, was arrested on April 11 in the murder of Sandra Cantu, 8, in Tracy, Calif. The Sunday school teacher was a neighbor and her daughter was friends with Sandra.

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25 responses to “Melissa Huckaby Arrested in Sandra Cantu Murder”

  1. UTubesLOL

    Melissa Fuckaby. Burn in hell u bastard from hell!! U worthless piece of shit!! How dare u lay a HAND on Sandra Cantu!!

    Sandra, U were smart, small, mature, and beautiful. I send my sincere condolences to the Cantu family. Sandra. RIP.

    BTW. I hate to say this. But B4 Sandra went missing she was dead. Sandra U will always b in a small, soft, beautiful place in my heart.

    Melissa, I hope u get a 1 way ticket to HELL. You deserve it. <:""(( RIP Little girl Sandra Cantu

  2. UTubesLOL

    I truly agree

  3. tharow08


  4. 1martuska

    What a sick ——-! She can never be rehabilitated. She should be exterminated with a lethal injection. What she did to this little girl is unforgivable.

  5. thedarkallies

    It’s a woman, give her a break.

  6. darknovablast

    You know what? I would have replied to this logically, if there was any logic in it to begin with.
    She’s only accused, there’s no real evidence against her. You’re just an immature, blood-thirsty moron who wants nothing more than to see someone die. You want to act the hero.
    You’re just an immature brat. Why don’t you go kill yourself, instead? That’d be more amusing.

  7. darknovablast

    I hope this woman is proven innocent. I really do. When she is, I’ll have a GREAT time coming to this video, looking up all your usernames and spamming the f**k out of you. You’re all idiots, blinded by the fact that the victim was a little girl, screaming wildly as if you had 100% hard evidence. No one has evidence, why the hell do youy think it’s taking so damn long to get a verdict?

    Eh? Eh? Well? I thought so.

  8. abasi2008

    it’s taking long because huckaby herself delayed by not entering a plea

  9. abasi2008

    let’s put it this way, california has 667 on death row, yet had only executed 13 people since 1992 and none since 2006

    no point putting more on death row until they ramp up the rate significantly

  10. darknovablast

    After her plea, the next time she’s in court is September. That’s miles away. They only covered it up by using that as an excuse, well it doesn’t stand. They’d have forced her to put in a plea if they had evidence.

  11. abasi2008

    why do they have no evidence? What about the fact she confessed?

  12. darknovablast

    She confessed, yet she pleaded not guilty?
    Right, right. =)

  13. abasi2008

    it wouldn’t be the first time that happened

    people talk to the police without the presence of their lawyer, bad idea

    why are you so sure she is innocent of the crime? there is an allegation she drugged and briefly held another underage girl in January

  14. darknovablast

    People look for links just to try and put people away. It’s like “Oh yeah he stabbed her with a kitchen knife, and he knew how to handle it because he worked part time last year at a restaurant cleaning dishes.”

  15. TheMikeholly

    Justice for Sandra Cantu! Death penalty for Melissa Huckaby!

  16. TheMikeholly

    Melissa Huckaby is an evil shitbag bitch who needs to be burned at the stake for kidnapping, raping, and killing little Sandra Cantu!

  17. TheMikeholly

    I agree! Everytime I see anything on Melissa Huckaby, I get an urge to shoot that evil baby killing bitch! RIP Little Sandra!

  18. elghunk

    Women are so violent! They should all be put behind bars.

  19. San47di

    I will NEVER understand how ANYONE can hurt a child. My God. What has happened to people’s hearts??!! You mean to tell me that these people don’t show any signs of mental illness prior to these heinous acts?? Did someone ignore the signs??

  20. periwinklemooose

    ugh this is soo sad. i want to know what was going through that woman’s mind, okay maybe i don’t, but yeah.

  21. russianprince111

    i think u should google Luka Magnotta

  22. Santaslayr

    How can you apologize for something like this?

  23. greygrey40

    we ought to have a fire-based death penalty for people this sick. She should have her eyes removed and paralyzed from the neck down so she can never see or feel her own daughter again, like the victims family

  24. periwinklemooose

    oh dear, interesting story.

  25. Lexphoto

    More like all pedofile priests and pedofile sunday school teachers should be kept in prison.

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