Mexican teacher of a kindergarten calms her young students in the middle of a shootout

May 27, 2011 Mexican teacher of a kindergarten calms her young students in the middle of a shootout this happened when a mexican crime organization killed five people in a shootout near by the school. Estanzulea, Monterrey NL, México.

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25 responses to “Mexican teacher of a kindergarten calms her young students in the middle of a shootout”

  1. BlackSupraC2

    @tiburon69 This is how our societies work now…the people who are in power are mostly filled with corrupt tendencies, but our children will know better than them. Thanks to our ever increasing communication through technology, our children will have a better understanding of whats right and wrong, and hopefully their motives are based on the well being of their neighbors and the earth, rather than their own profit.

  2. 425jeonsa

    God damn, this pisses me off and to think they walked outside to go home only to see 5 crackheads lying on the street in a pool of blood.

    I understand what she is telling them, just like a mother.

    The narcos are all fucking scum, they should all just be executed on the spot along the corrupt politicians who don’t do shit other than send young security forces into these hot spots to ‘arrest’ those assholes.

    My respect for the teacher and the dedicated security forces who kill those rats.

  3. SoCalDude805

    It’s a hard war on drugs over there when half the cops are crooked.

  4. yasemeocurrioalgo

    What happened to Mexico. I’m just crying. I just. What can I do to make this shit stop? Nothing. Nothing at all what the fuck why am I 14 why am I not a smart person why can’t I fix my country what is going on. I need to do something, we all do and what why fuck no this is not my country what is going on I don’t have faith in the government and I don’t have faith in god and I don’t have faith in no one and what I just want it all to end wah

  5. gabyetchelecu

    Stop buying drugs and the violence will stop.

  6. SonOfTanit

    Do you not see a contradiction in your statement?

  7. rydelldark

    @speedracer234 lol? just because you live in United States doesn’t mean we don’t have a cellphone or laptop in.. pfft you call yourself a teacher??? ignorant.. and THIS thing doesn’t happen all the time in “third world countries” just for your information.. pfft.. teacher..

  8. msdontprocrastinate

    @speedracer234 If that’s the case, you still didn’t need to be discredit what the teacher did here. Obviously, it’s shedding light on the issues in Mexico. Thank you for your information. What grade do you teach?

  9. manta53

    I’m wondering why she bothered to record this? Because she wanted to self promote herself

  10. TheRealLenKagamine

    @manta53 she wanted to record what she thought were her last minutes

  11. eeyesgAlindoely

    @manta53 well look at all the videos and you will find out that she was on charge for a safety thing on her district . you should be glad that 16 children are alive and they wont need any mental help thank to this teacher. BE proud Before you criticize somebody .

  12. TheRealLenKagamine

    @xalbertoherrerax i understand what you’re trying to say. Although God did chose to protect the children, he also blessed this women with a heart of a warrior. The women was the one calming the children though.

  13. saffronscursex

    @manta53 stupid idiot the government requires and encourages people to do this for specific reasons. since you’re such an idiot i won’t even bother saying why because you wouldn’t be able to comprehend what im saying.

  14. imgrandmacarol

    Just because this teacher recorded this doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing to do. She was on a committee of teachers who set up guidelines for just such an event. It’s too bad that a committee like that should even have the need to exist, but for her class and herself, it proved to not only be needed, but was a lifesaving decision. I send her blessings and I’m thrilled that she received an award from the Mexican government! BRAVO!

  15. manta53

    @saffronscursex Yep that was a real mature thing to say lol

  16. alejandrammlov

    @OurLilfe2You lo se

  17. saffronscursex

    @manta53 you’re a waste of life. lol at that. which you probably are going to say since you have nothing clever to say, idiot.

  18. bigdaddyshane

    @112Katy Clearly there is something wrong with you if you think that statement is racist.

  19. matlater

    You know what, I wondered too about why she filmed it. Was it because she was looking for fame, money, and glory? Or as one of you stated, ‘to self promote herself’? It’s on the news, YouTube, twitter, emails, newspapers, magazines, and I’m sure she’ll be on all the talk shows soon. Whatever the reasons may be, the bottom line is she kept those children safe and calm and I know that the parents of those beautiful children will be forever grateful. I don’t ever want to have to bury my kids.

  20. virymtz

    @matlater ok look, she recorded this because she is part of a safety program in the neighborhood and one of the requirements are to record every violent case u might get involved! not because she was looking to be famous! and she didnt put it on youtube, she didnt know that the video was up on the internet

  21. matlater

    @virymtz…….I never said that she was looking for fame or anything else. what I was alluding to (which obviously from your use of exclamations you did not pick up) was that it got out there for a lot of people to see and what they needed was the exposure to let the outside world know how horrible it was for everyone, especially the children. I hope that by having it circulating that help will be forthcoming. And I do hope that she does get on talk shows for even more support.

  22. aguafinatv

    @matlater YESSS its a HORRIBLE situation, but that sweet classy teacher did such a FANTASTIC job keeping her self calm n collective that I dont realy think the kids notice the seriousness of the situation outside. The kids are too young (I think) to completely understand how HORRIBLE the situation is n whats exactly is happening. God BLESS the teacher n why not Mexcio too

  23. kingciph

    @SonOfTanit What contracdiction?

  24. caifan8894

    it’s sad how goverment has managed my country the last years, so so sad :( , and sadly i see no way out, :(

  25. peepeevagi

    This is so sad :C

    And yet i’m still compelled to recite the Mexican hat dance loudly. BANA-BANA-BANA. BANANANANA-NANA. You get the point lol.

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