MID: Murder Investigation Unit – Ep. 1 – Dead Music Blogger

When a murder strikes the music criticism scene in La Canada-Flintridge, it’s up to the elite MID investigators to crack the case. Are they up to the challenge?

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20 responses to “MID: Murder Investigation Unit – Ep. 1 – Dead Music Blogger”

  1. rudestboy420

    probably just making the best out of being strangled !!

  2. chrisquick123451966

    For some reason (at least for me) the video stops at 3:14..

  3. steveyagerfilms

    @chrisquick123451966 That’s weird. I haven’t had that problem. Try reloading in a few minutes.

  4. thebatzinator


  5. TheBaumSquad


  6. jodielynn1969

    from some true criminal minds!

  7. jklop893

    Loved it! Laughed sooo hard!

  8. my1bailey1

    SOOOO GREAT!!!!!!!

  9. Gupkyn


  10. bethshea

    incredibly smart and funny.

  11. iwriteplays

    OK Computer. 2 1/2 stars. Fantastic.

  12. FREAKout59


  13. MissShannaM


  14. beloveorr

    teddy roosevelt hahahaha!!!!

  15. yurei8

    Double clicking. Brilliant!

  16. spwbaw

    Nic, old buddy, you’ve got a winner!

  17. Masterofallytps

    Ehh ive seen worse

  18. ZerkWilder

    fucking fucking hilarious

  19. thegregk

    Love it. Thumbs up!

  20. inubisdrone

    The nerd deserved to die! Nerd!

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