Middle School teacher arrested for affair with student!

debra-lafave-news.blogspot.com A Brazos Middle School teacher named Tara Allison Hodges turned herself in to Waco police Wednesday morning after allegedly having a sexual relationship with one of her students.

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17 responses to “Middle School teacher arrested for affair with student!”

  1. 1077715

    what is wrong with people. doesn’t life itself skrew with kids minds enough without teachers having to add to the issues that mess them up.
    the sad part is that this is not a complete shock,it’s almost normal…well not normal but expected.

  2. heresgene

    Well, at least the young man didn’t break weak. He might be 14 but he is more grown up than the other BOYS ratting out the ladies.
    She’s just one of the too many psycho chicks, she tried to do him wrong.

  3. sandiefandie

    something people should know is that student teacher affairs always went on. The media spreads it around more.

  4. iamsuperageek

    Why the hell the boy or the girl is always a fucking 14 year old. It is never any younger nor older.

  5. DiabolikalGodH8er

    where were all these teachers when I was in middle school???

  6. SPR00KS

    School teachers got to get laid too this ant news.

  7. DirectorDeAustin

    if teachers want to have sex why won’t they find some one else or became a prostitute in the street if teacher becomes a bitch.

  8. zebikabiro

    what an idiot? why would she go to the police and tell them the kid assulted her. she fucked herself over.

  9. louishenna

    This is common in Waco because Baylor Student teachers come to Waco ISD and fall in love with the kids but in High school, most of them will sleep with the athletes.

  10. RestlessZion

    the reporter is saying his words like that guy from “lifestyles of the rich and famous”..lol

  11. GazarBeast

    This stupid reporter sounds like a fucking muppet.

  12. pedrotime

    lol that 13 year old sure is lucky!! that teacher is hot!!

  13. vietgangz

    nah she isn’t hot hahha

  14. vietgangz

    now that is a dumb ass

  15. mpmcd81

    Pity. Most of the teachers who do this could easily get a kind, mature, strong guy to have sex with. I don’t know why 13 year olds get them off.

  16. ST8CPT

    Lucky Bastard.

  17. sidandmoi

    lucky teacher

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