Mom Arrested, Teacher Found Pot in Son’s Shoe

StrangeMom Arrested, Teacher Found Pot in Son’s ShoeMom Arrested, Teacher Found Pot in Son’s ShoeThe Associated PressA 27-year-old mother was in court Tuesday to answer to drug charges after a teacher found marijuana in her four-year-old son’s shoe. (June 24)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] This Buffalo-area mom is in a lot of trouble because of her four-year-old son’s shoes.Well…not the shoes themselves, more like what was IN his shoes.The boy walked into his head start program last Wednesday limping …

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23 responses to “Mom Arrested, Teacher Found Pot in Son’s Shoe”

  1. GamingRetard

    lots of comments from the potheads eh? what does it say about you if you need a friggin plant to make you feel happy…

  2. Hobomedic

    o.0 What does it say about you when you need coffee to function during the day? Think about it…. What about people needing a smoke when they get stressed? Lawl…The only reason pot is shunned upon is because some douchebag decided to name it as an illegal substance, its no worse than alot of shit out there. Fuck driving a TDI jetta is worse for you than smoking pot… shit can cause cancer. Funny thing, A smoke a day keeps alzheimers at bay, oh and parkinsons, and can help with arthritis.

  3. Hobomedic

    BC bud far out plays anything grown in cali.

  4. madinah28

    i dont know what all the fuss is about weed- there doing these commercials and making all this noise- why not use the money that there spending on the commercials for homeless, hungry people or make more anti crack, meth,heroine commercials–RASTAFARI

  5. Fred5612

    Oh my God! Marijuana! Wow! Lets plow her house down with a tank! Is not war, its not horror…Its much worse!It’s MARIJUANA!

    Some sarcasm a day keeps the doctor away.

  6. RaNsOm123456789

    There are no withdrawals you douche.. only not being able to sleep for a few nights.. thats it..

  7. dragonpunch666

    Alot of bc bud is sold in Cali. My cousin lives in Vancouver & when I was over there he told me that his dealers supplier owned a lil helicopter, & he transported weed grown in bc to california & swap it for coke. I’ve smoked all around the world, & bc bud, in my opinion is the best, even better than amsterdam, & I go there every year.

  8. blingmow101

    please like the plant is harmful it is a plant. thats all. every1 should be able to grow for personAL!

  9. JusBlaze3255

    tabacco is worst than weed

  10. xSKxShadow

    how exactly was she endangering her child by putting pot in his shoe?

  11. Myrmonden

    think for a change. first of the charge is on her being a worhtless mother all together and that her child got a hold of pot how good would that be if the child would use it.

  12. holyshit66699

    stupid kid

  13. Tails04

    Because if shes dumb enough to get busted for that… she probably shouldn’t have anyone in her care.

  14. orpingtonwoodpushing

    this is stupid

  15. yoon19

    are you stupid ?(yes you are)
    the kid is fucking 4 years old and your saying stupid kid?
    its cause of his mom(family ).

  16. supersexyman69

    yeah nothing is wrong here unless one of the kids smoked or ate the pot no harm no foul

  17. benjamwk

    If the child would use it? Seriously, it is not that likely. It is more of a danger that the kid would eat the plastic and choke than he would smoke it and get high.

  18. magicalhearingman

    this is stupid, why would you hide your weed in your kids shoes??? and did the kid put the shoes on himself and not notice bags of weed in them??

  19. d1341994

    why someone would put weed in 4 year old kids shoe.that is very stupid

  20. TheStephanie13

    pot should be legal

  21. gingerkid11111

    it is in main and cali

  22. rootuser420

    it makes the niglet limp it could throw off his balance and he could trip

  23. haydog447

    y do people hate weed. weed dose not kill any1 it makes u happy

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