Money, a Short Con and Crime = Short Change – Scam School

This episode, we’re turning to the dark side and learning actual CRIME. Remember, the following is for INFORMATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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24 responses to “Money, a Short Con and Crime = Short Change – Scam School”

  1. Sizzlik

    too bad i cant test it..Euros start with 5€ to try it with coins =P

  2. babytrunks2

    This just happened to me at work today, we were short $130! :-/

  3. Dilemma17GB

    Happened to me a work today , dirty foreign c***s .. nicked £80

  4. DamnDumbPinoy

    This would own so hard in Monopoly.

  5. drizzlwhite46

    That’s why no one gives money BEFORE they have the right change.

  6. Calinn86

    one thing that should have given her a clue.. if he has to get rid of the ones, why the fuck does he pay a 5 dollar beer with a 20, when he has a shit load of ones that he wants to get rid of in his wallet? (i know this is a staged situation and all that, but … ) in the real life this hint is pretty easy to get

  7. RusPrideAK

    because you wouldn’t be thinking of that when your working dumbass

  8. Calinn86

    fuck you, don’t need to call me names. i know how this job works and it should be easy to get a clue if you’re not a moron

  9. RusPrideAK

    fuck u too, u dont have to be a smartass. This trick works all the fucking time if done correctly, go ahead and try it before acting all wise and criticize it. When people are working they won’t be thinking “oh, why is he giving me a 20 when he has all these ones”, just no one thinks that when working.

  10. Raul Rangel

    she didn’t even check his ID

  11. riknos3289

    Because the $20 is already in the till when he pulls out the ones to get a 10. Also, sometimes people just want to break a 20.

  12. devan s

    it’s funny because he never gives the ten back to her

  13. mujerazteca18

    This happened to me yesterday, it was an old man. He did it once and he tried to do it again but I realized he was a scam. He quickly walked off before I could tell anyone. He took 20 bucs.

  14. 063446983

    You are right. No one thinks that much when they are working and the customer has his own reasons for splitting bills. But there are other reasons that this scam is harder to pull off then is shown in the video.

  15. 063446983

    The chances of someone pulling this off are very slim. First one must find a suitable mark. They must also ensure that the clerk will open the cash register before they count your money. Even if you are buying something and the register is opened, you must also ensure that the clerk will hand you the bill before they accept/count your change. In larger stores, clerks are trained to take change before giving the money back. I wouldn’t call this “one of the most lucrative scams”.

  16. NoEmailJustRespondin

    Once s/one SCAMMED s/one by doing this, it’s just like a magic trick in that, they’re not going to broadcast it. They’re not going to say, “Ok…let’s review, etc”.

    Yes, it happens & probably more than you’re obviosly aware of. And hey, when you can stop in a number of convenience stores and pull this off let’s say 8 times in a day in certainly less than 8 hours, yeah…”LUCRATIVE” would be a fitting word.

  17. NoEmailJustRespondin

    Actually, it’s hard to bust these people, as THEY will just say, “Oh yeah…I’m confused”.

    The whole thing centers around CONFUSION & CHAOS.

  18. NoEmailJustRespondin

    That was NOT staged…hello!? He “scammed” her, then used it as a teaching moment. You can easily see her embarrassment when he let her know what took place. It was “set up” only for the video, but the female HAD NO CLUE.

  19. Matt Dillon

    I hope all of you scammer’s parents die.

  20. Matt Dillon

    Including this punk rock faggot.

  21. Monkeybojangles007

    @Matt Dillon WTF are you talking about? He is exposing the scam… Showing you how to spot it and avoid it.

  22. strife725

    I thought the 10 and 5 she gave him back was his change from the guinness and 20$.

  23. James m

    you must be a sucker

  24. Evan C

    b and c

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