Mugger Attacks Catholic School Teacher

June 13, 2008 Eric Ferguson, 18, is arrested after mugging Catholic school teacher Patricia mcgowan, 62, outside the Good Shepherd School on June 12 in Brooklyn, NY. Ferguson is also a suspect in 4 purse snachings, and 2 muggings of Chinese food deliverymen in the past month. Two things not mentioned in the video: 1. After mugging mcgowan, Ferguson returned several minutes later and stole her car while she was talking with police. 2. One of the Chinese deliverymen mugged by Ferguson was also stabbed.

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25 responses to “Mugger Attacks Catholic School Teacher”

  1. stickz23

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  2. F3shotF

    you know, its always some fucking coward.. i wanna see someone rob a football player.. if you have the nuts to rob people, you might as well LOOK tough by stealing from someone who can actually defend themselves.

  3. F3shotF

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  4. admiralcrash1

    Too bad she didn’t have a gun.

  5. RE4uk

    I wonder if he would have felt so inclined to mug her if she were black too?

  6. NurseDischord

    OMG the news reporter was black i bet she was in on it too.

  7. Ts0usermax

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  9. missmaggiee713

    Wow. Ms.McGowen was my 3rd grade teacher at Good Shepherd. She is the most nicest sweetest teachers there. She definatley did not deserve that. How dare anyone start fighting over this video. Its absolutley terrible and all you others can think about is the racial part of this. For real…. grow up

  10. halfzwarfuck

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  11. AlxEllis

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  12. TheD4rkChild666

    wow i graduated from there O-o in 08 😛

  13. gaelicpiper

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  14. Ts0usermax

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  16. bomber625

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  24. rob42996

    people… stop turning this into a racial thing …i go to tht school…nd well she might not be the nicest teacher she definately did not deserve tht nd its really disgusting how everyone is turning this into a racial thing… be ashamed of yourselves

  25. smackedinthejaw

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