Murder of Innocence – Sian Kingi – CriMe InVesTiGaTioN AusTraLia

On 27 November, 1987, 12-year-old Noosa school girl, Sian Kingi was grabbed off her push bike by Valmae Fay Beck and Barrie John Watts as she rode home from school. Beck and Watts gagged the innocent, terrified child. Watts then raped and bashed her. He then callously, and without remorse, cut her throat while his cowardly wife and mother of six watched on. Six days later, a fruit picker discovered Sian’s mutilated body, still dressed in her Year Seven Sunshine Beach School uniform, in a creek bed.

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11 responses to “Murder of Innocence – Sian Kingi – CriMe InVesTiGaTioN AusTraLia”

  1. 77toujours

    Thanks for remembering my request

  2. crimkingson56

    No mercy for hyenas on the prowl – male or female… Glad they got caught, so many murders go unsolved.

  3. MegaFloyd100

    I bet the murderers were darwinists

  4. SisTaSeVeNs

    np ❈☺❈You’re welcome❢❈☺❈ 

  5. roostertb

    well done W.A

  6. SuTe09

    hope he gets raped in jail

  7. ItachuEat Chu

    Pardon? What does that have to do with anything?

  8. Seraphina Black

    They should have starved that bitch, not fed her fat

  9. ilovety65

    Thanx for these, have never seen them.

  10. SisTaSeVeNs

    ت KewL❢ u might get addicted 2em ;p so… ❈☺❈You’re welcome❢❈☺❈

  11. PirateSkip4

    God that Beck woman is one bloody ugly boar, i really hope her death was painful and slow !!!

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