Nader and Fein at HLS: “America’s Lawless Empire: The Constitutional Crimes of Bush and Obama”

Ralph Nader ’58 and Bruce Fein ’72 visited Harvard Law School for a talk sponsored by the HLS Forum and the Harvard Law Record. At the event, “America’s Lawl…

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25 responses to “Nader and Fein at HLS: “America’s Lawless Empire: The Constitutional Crimes of Bush and Obama””

  1. blondegirl214

    I already answered the first question; asking me to answer it again because you just didn’t like the first answer isn’t going to change my answer. And wtf does the second question have anything to do with the first? Are you asking because you don’t know the answer or is this some sort of little test?

  2. jedipauly

    No, you never specifically said. You said that parents have nothing to do with natural born Citizens. You imply that anyone who is born on territory jurisdiction are natural born Citizen. By what authority? What authority creates the citizens to be natural born if it is not the parents? Answer the question.

  3. jedipauly

    Why not? Why does not being admitted to the States have anything to do with natural born Citizen? You said that as long as your are born under the 14th Amendment your parents don’t matter because they have nothing to do with natural born Citizen. Those born in the federal territories and possessions are born under the 14th Amendment so according to you they are natural born Citizens but you have not answered the question as to why can’t they be President. And they do have to pay income tax.

  4. GreenDeal8

    Cool video

  5. jedipauly

    It is a test. The fact that you don’t know the relationship proves that you don’t comprehend what a natural born Citizen is or where they come from or who or what creates them. I will ask you another question but I doubt you will answer it because it proves you wrong. Here is the question. Are you a mother and if so are your children natural born or adopted? Even if you are not a mother if you can comprehend my question then you know that parents create nbC not the 3 branches of gov (soil).

  6. blondegirl214

    LOL! I have no problem answering your question; and I don’t know how it proves anything, but I guess you’ll tell me. Yes, I am a mother- to 5 kids. All born in the US. Which makes them natural born citizens. REGARDLESS of MY citizenship status; they are NB Citizens. If I was a Russian citizen, my kids would still be natural born citizens. Born here. Lol, of course the gov didn’t create them- they just decided on the definition of the wording. 🙂

  7. blondegirl214

    Do you have anything to dispute what I’ve said, besides your opinions?

  8. jedipauly

    That was not the question. What I asked you is are they your natural born children or are they adopted. I did not ask you if they were natural born Citizens. Answer the question. You still have not answered the question. You evaded it real well.

  9. blondegirl214

    NO! That is wrong.

  10. jedipauly

    That is what the court said. I am not wrong you are.

  11. jedipauly

    You think the gov creates natural born Citizens with statutory definitions LOL! I would like to see the 3 branches get together in a three way orgy and create a natural born Citizen with a written definition HA HA HA. You are funny. Statutory constructs by definition can only grant naturalized citizenship. Do you even know the difference between Natural Law and Positive Law? Only parents can create natural born Citizens with sexual reproduction. You are clueless.

  12. jedipauly

    If you want me to explain the relationship then answer the question. How many branches of government are there under the U.S. Constitution? Answer the question and then I will show you the relationship. It is a simple question. What are you afraid of?

  13. jedipauly

    OK. Now we are getting somewhere. You are saying that the gov decided upon the wording that defines natural born Citizen. OK. So then answer me this. When did this occur? When did the government define the wording?

  14. jedipauly

    So far, nothing has been my opinion. I have stated nothing but facts of Nature. You are the only one with subjective beliefs and opinions. I can prove my position. You cannot. Answer this simple question if you can. Who created your children. Was it the government? Is there a statutory definition that you rubbed like a genie bottle and poof you had a child? Who created your natural born offspring?

  15. blondegirl214

    They are not adopted.

  16. jedipauly

    Now we are getting somewhere. Since they are not adopted, they are natural born or birthed into existence from your pregnancy, yes? Adopted children are your children as a function of statutory authority from gov. That is called Positive Law. It’s the opposite of Natural Law which is what you and the father of your children used to create your offspring. The same is true of natural born Citizen. These are the citizens created by natural birth inheritance from a citizen father who created them.

  17. jedipauly

    Those that are born here to foreign fathers or even born in a foreign country to a U.S. citizen mother and foreign father are the adopted U.S. citizens that we adopt with positive law and make them citizens because they are not naturally native to the U.S. since they are not created by a U.S. citizen father. That is why they are called naturalized citizens because they are missing the natural component of a citizen father that created them.

  18. jedipauly

    My real name is Paul Guthrie. I filed a federal suit on Jan 14, 2013 in the district court of Southern Indiana.  I would recommend that you go to jedipaulydotcom and read Guthrie v United States. Also, there is a one hour interview marked 2nd interview. Listen to that. I lay out the foundation of my suit. Then read the suit. If you want to communicate with me please use my e-mail It is too difficult to explain this complex issue in the format here at you tube.

  19. troxel02

    The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first. -Thomas Jefferson

    “Under current law, it is a crime for a private citizen to lie to a government official, but not for the government official to lie to the people.” Donald M. Fraser

    “Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a law-breaker, it breeds contempt for the law.” Justice L. D. Brandeis

  20. PrimitiveFilmGroup

    One of the best hours I have ever spent watching a youtube

  21. AlIinclusiveholidays

    Unbelievable number of views

  22. greenitup

    Thank you Mr. Nader and Mr. Fein. I am 73 today and have witnessed the spiral down as I spiral down myself, stripped of everything. The one advantage is if one puts in the effort one can understand, see the patterns and arrive at some conclusions, however tentative:
    (1) When decency fights deceit, deceit wins at least in the short term.
    (2) Most people are born with what we call ‘decency’ as a survival tool. That is being ‘corrected’ by massive chemicals in Americans & corrupted education…

  23. rjk620

    Ralph Nader should be president ^L^

  24. lei mou

    This video should be seen by every citizen of the USA. Extremely informative. I wish the viewers numbers were in the millions. I admire both speakers.

  25. vadar pimp

    Nadar is one in a handfull of modern day heros. Not many of them left. He always knows what he is talking about and never hesitates because he knows and speaks the truth. All my friends who are slaves to the man do have an hr to watch king of thrones or whatever its called every week, but never have an hr to listen to the facts. They still think im crazy for not accepting obama…and they know i voted for the fool! I woke up and now its their turn.

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