Neil Young Crime in the city

Neil Young at his best. HQ version

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25 responses to “Neil Young Crime in the city”

  1. rumpledilskin

    Timeless. Long live Neil Young.

  2. iweardoorags

    this is such an amazing song. and leave it up to ol’ neil young to play this, of all songs (especially off freedom) at a benefit show. godspeed neil

  3. dragons2k100

    i dont like this version as much as the origonal but its good, i watched farmaid on tv lol.

  4. TrueHavik

    what happened to the other vid of crime in the city… there was one even better…it was @ a big concert…What happened to it on youtube…?

  5. CelsoCalvin

    gênio. Neil Young Can’t never Die

  6. ramonthe3rd

    why somebody should put a fireman in prison when he gets old?

  7. LookOut4MyLove

    @ramonthe3rd: Neil’s subtle hint is that the fireman turned to a life of crime robbing banks when he put down the hose. He was arrested by the cop, his best friend.

  8. gavinsdad1

    Neil Young is what I call an artist. I love how he and Dylan still tour and play what they are proud of and is relevant and new. No greatest hits tours for the ones that are still making great music.

  9. fmjiceman

    haha i dont know but i was thinking it really meant a hitman or somthing, maybe a dirty cop eh??

  10. jcaiken05

    The only man to emit pure rock and roll out of an acoustic guitar and harmonica

  11. UncleErnie71

    This song gives me goosebumps.

  12. ramonthe3rd

    There was a face in the window!!!

  13. Panushkin

    listen … no hear it man it says put out every fire in town (means more then a combustable flame) put out any thing smokin(imagine anything man like ruining fun of rich people) but when he put the hose down or relaxed or gave up or said fuck it he went to jail or died or wtf ever u wanna think man …. as to yer comment all old people should be in jail! 8)

  14. minddredge

    i am the fireman

  15. groovemon

    There is none other. Niel keeps the spirit of Rock alive.

  16. henkejulch

    @groovemon Neil

  17. psike5000

    we fuckin need WELD’s version of this song on you tube!!!

  18. letsif

    Acoustic rock-and-roll, baby!

  19. harrydersteppenwolf

    which earthquake’s victims was it for?

  20. mbenson2790

    @harrydersteppenwolf northridge i think. might be over seas tho

  21. DKFidelity

    This is just so great. Neil Young is great. I love this song. And this is the best live version of the I ever heard.

    Hope it will be released in one of his fortcoming archive release.

  22. clearvu1

    This is actually an amazing version of this song!

  23. domperro

    This one about sums it up. Raw nerve examining open wound. Thanks Neil.

  24. salgadoxilinx

    Thank you so much Neil, so far away and so close

  25. jbmccaskill

    Live from Jones Beach, NY (DVD) is pretty good too…..such a wicked album “Freedom”, thanks for posting…..”send me a cheeseburger….and a new Rolling Stone….”

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