New, Medical School Update 11-13-09 and answers to study questions

General update on school, study advice in answer to questions, joke of the day and random medical fact of the day. Ok here is (as promised) a list of the courses I took in college that I would recommend to other people pursuing a medical degree. First semester: -BIC classes (not relevant) -calculus -Gen Chem I — important for the MCAT 2nd Semester -BIC classes (again not relevant) -Biology I — important for mcat -Bio I lab ” ” -Forensic survey (for forensic science major, not relevant …

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3 responses to “New, Medical School Update 11-13-09 and answers to study questions”

  1. TheLetterJ

    I’d have to agree with you. I didn’t take Biochem in undergrad. Most of my classmates did. Class average on the first test was an 87 and I had to bust my ass to get an 82.

    I’ve done much better since then, but I’d have a lot more free time if I had taken Biochem in undergrad.

  2. lsumedstudent2013


    That is exactly what happened to several people in our class.

  3. rfillmor

    I’m glad we’re all working hard for the same cause. They are killing us this semester. We’re taking biochem, genetics, neuroscience, and physiology….and we’re squeezing this in within 15 weeks then taking the SHELF exams. (4 more weeks to go!!!) Thanks for posting. good luck!

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