New Mexico Teacher, Kristy Sanchez-Truillo, Charged For Sex With 13-Year-Old Boy (Parents Outraged)

October 29. 2009. ALBUQUERQUE, NM — An Albuquerque Public Schools teacher has been arrested in connection with having sex with a seventh grader. The 13-year-old boy went to Jimmy Carter Middle School, where his teacher, 33-year-old Kristy Sanchez-Trujillo taught social studies. School officials fired the teacher late Wednesday afternoon and was later criminally charged by police. The arrest happened just hours after the school’s principal sent out a letter to staff telling parents and …

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21 responses to “New Mexico Teacher, Kristy Sanchez-Truillo, Charged For Sex With 13-Year-Old Boy (Parents Outraged)”

  1. crypter27

    Its kind of funny,this is happening so much!

  2. mcnuggetssmcnuggetss


  3. menareangrynow

    I wouldn’t call this funny. It’s sad.

  4. FemalePredatorsExist

    I would call it it tragic. I don’t think it can be argued that their are lot more intensive sexual offender treatment programmes for men than there are for women so, in part, its the system that is failing these women and their victims. If the system took female sexual offending just as serious as male sexual offending then perhaps we would see less lives, both victims and offenders being ruined.

  5. menareangrynow

    I have no sympathy for the offenders. If the offenders lives were ruined by their vile actions, then that’s their fault. My concern lies solely with the victims. Truly, I agree that these incidents are tragic; but, only only for the abused boys. The female teachers get a ‘get out of jail free card”, because of unions protecting them, and society’s callousness for males.

  6. jhol7689

    i think they need to put all pedophiles away 25 to life because there not going to get better!
    The justice system is more fucked up than these sick bastards. what are they thinking when there sentencing these monesters 6 years and woman for 6 months for probation??? That just needs to be a new law.

  7. alizee2010

    She must be crazy. A woman that pretty should have no trouble getting an adult boyfriend.

  8. khendriks1

    It’s a relief that non one tried to downgrade the offenders behavior here, which is usually the case when the offender is female, and the victim a juvenile male.

  9. AnoukaKC

    What p.o.’s me about this story locally: the only parents being interviewed about being disgusted about this…… are FEMALE. I haven’t seen or heard one male parent being interviewed yet — on tv, in the paper or on the radio.

    what gives? where are the fathers’ opinions on this?

  10. blakefeeldz1


  11. Zaimoren

    AnoukaKC – Perhaps the only people going to pick up kids at school are the moms.

    Are you suggesting that the fathers who are actively involve in their childrens lives would support someone doing this to one of their kids? I can see a part time dad who really isn’t a “dad” but more of a buddy supporting this bullshit.
    If that’s not what you’re suggesting,,I apologize. I have a really strong reaction to anyone who thinks this situation is ok because it was a young boy involved.

  12. VivaArsenal4

    haha how can her union protect her? i mean, she had sex with the kid, it’s not like they can really step in and bail her out on that one, nor would they be willing to.

  13. yessicaflores79

    I AM A TEACHER FROM AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL…I remember that I got some student (I wasn’t giving class to him) come & talk to me…but the things has been changed then, when he started to talking at me in a sexually way, about my boobs and everything…I GOT SCARED (I was 26 yrs old at the time, he was 14 yrs old) and eventually I run away when I saw him coming to my classroom, because I could LOSE my job and reputation if I follow the kid…& I changed from school too, for avoid him…

  14. rawrrzard

    tht is jus fucked up! ppl like tht need to go to a fuckin mental hospital n get there shit figured out! fuckin sick ass ppl now a days…

  15. ashtu

    No i think he stated what hes suggested, WHERE ARE THE FATHERS OPINIONS ON THIS, your whole theory of what type of dad would be ok with this is questionable, because THERE ARE NO FATHERS GIVING THEIR OPINIONS, it would be interesting to know, it doesnt matter if they think its right or wrong, and not having them only leads to dudes like AnoukaKC thinking that the dads are ok with this.

  16. UnkleSi

    When I was 14 I remember a woman teacher who all the guys wanted to have sex with. It’s hardly rape…

  17. FemalePredatorsExist

    That was when YOU were a kid UnkleSi but you’re not a kid any more are you? So why don’t you start thinking like a responsible adult/parent and appreciate that it is legally & socially unacceptable for ANY adult to take sexual advantage of a child? It may not be rape in your limited understanding and appreciation of the crime of child rape but it is still undeniably a case of an adult taking sexual advantage of a child. But I guess that’s OK with you because the boy ain’t YOUR son is he?

  18. jeffstudbum

    That’s interesting. What were you afraid of? You are the adult and you should be able to simply say no and tell him to stop. If you are afraid, that would imply to some degree that you would considerate having sex with the student.

  19. Tinaphan45

    Ugh that is sick LMFAO the teacher is so dumb a 25 year old in a 13 year old body LOL seriously this reminds me of you know south park episode about when The little boy in kindergarten Name Ike slept with his kindergarten teacher

  20. FemalePredatorsExist

    Sorry folks gotta close video to comments as its being swamped by pedophiles.

  21. dj2nu

    Once again a child victime from us “the ignorant people”.

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