News Conference about a hate crime against a Sikh Student

June 6th 2008, New Yorks Sikh Community holds a press conference to protest the attack of Jagmohan Singh Premi (Yellow Jacket) a student at Richmond Hill High School, who was punched in the face after a student intentionally attempted to remove his payka (smaller turban). The perpetrator has a long, documented history of harassing Jagmohan in school making fun of his patka and beard, and attempting to pull off his patka.

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25 responses to “News Conference about a hate crime against a Sikh Student”

  1. Tupac8Biggie

    one of these dayz those racists r gonna get some

  2. Tupac8Biggie

    work out and get built and when thoses bitches come at u, BAM, smoke those fuckers til they say sorry. like i did now look at me they respect me now!! some time they learn the hard way

  3. JagveerVirk559

    Force doesn’t always work with everyone Brother. Sometimes the necessary answer for change is through the judicial system. Now instead of just fighting them and making a difference for himself alone, he has opened the door to equality for all Sikhs at his school by rising up to the social injustice through the use of media and law. Respect.

  4. Tupac8Biggie

    yea man i agree but its been 2 years they didnt do shit all. punjabis should stick together, no1 f**ks with u if u have some backup.

  5. VoiceAgainstTyrrany

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  6. VoiceAgainstTyrrany

    madar chod katue..

  7. BengalG3

    ya,my best friend is sikh and alot of people make fun of him. i dont now how he can take it. someone pulled out is turban. people make fun of something they cant understand. full support to my sikh bros going through hard times.

  8. HYDEGaaraSand26

    man im getting tired of RHHS, im in 10th grade and this year so far nothing bad has happened since that incident,just stfu nothing is ever gonna change cause no one cares anymore

  9. tiger1281


  10. paalu84

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  11. windstennotsukai

    Okay people, sometimes keeping your comments to yourself is the SMART thing to do! If you can’t say anything positive or even mildly interesting, don’t open your virtual mouth at all. It’s easy and requires no brainpower to swear and cuss at something, but it requires real strength and mind to think about an issue, and feel sympathetic, which most of you people lack. So go cry in your washroom, take a hot shower, think about who your are first, and then come back and comment on others.

  12. punjabi987123

    ma teri di fudi mare sale
    hun touch kari patke nu
    saliya hand cutt kardu
    ma dad milk pita tan saliya hun aja

    muk jana jag uthe tusi jalmo ..par sikhi nahi mukni


  13. punjabi987123

    breo they fuckin scared now

  14. 5p33dk1nG

    im in 10th grade right now and yea ther mad punjabs in richmondhillhs now

  15. brentwhitehead

    i live in Canada, and here everyone is treated with respect. SIkhs with daastars get white and brown girls… and tis vice versa. its a shame this still happens in the states

  16. sexyjatti666

    sikhs are the bestttttttttttttttttt

  17. outlawz30

    I know eh, if some tried that here in Canda, in surrey to be exact, hed get fucked up, most likey shot dead.

  18. 718xTMoNeY

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  19. goldenchub

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  20. kobenbagreat

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  21. dj2ot

    if that was 2 happen in southall every singh wud gather 2getha and go fukin shoot the stupid racist bastards i hope they die who ever done that

  22. itIZgolden

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  23. itIZgolden

    …..SMH… you are the reason why none of these countries cant get along today.

  24. outlawz30

    im the reason? u think id jus stand their and let someone kick my ass just cause im different? not the fukin reason kid, im not the one that’s fukin racist..death before dishonour for me man, that’s how i was raised.

  25. outlawz30

    “…..SMH… you are the reason why none of these countries cant get along today.”
    this is what u said to me right?

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