Ohio school gunman arrest caught on camera

The suspect in a school shooting in Ohio is arrested by police after allegedly opening fire in Chardon High’s cafeteria, killing one student and wounding four others.

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25 responses to “Ohio school gunman arrest caught on camera”

  1. Jollycoolwater

    @menzerna1234 You said you want to see more shooting? I’m just glad you haven’t decided to bring it about yourself. You are no less sicker than this stupid kid who decided to kill all his fellow students.

  2. Jollycoolwater

    I’m sick of all you morons who use this kind of tragedy to make a point about gun control. Let me make this clear for all you stupid idiots. Guns do not kill people. People kill people. If someone is intent on killing someone, he does not need a gun to do so. Cars kill more people than guns a hundred times over. Should we outlaw cars? I’m so sick of all you morons. Please pull your heads out of Opra’s butt crack and take a breath of clean air to clear your head and think straight.

  3. Jollycoolwater

    I believe all law abiding citizens should go buy themselves at least one or more guns. Guns serve many purposes. In the hands of law abiding citizens, it is a deterrent against home invasions by robbers as well as your OWN FREAKING GOVERNMENT!!!!!

  4. menzerna1234


    The term “law abiding citizens” is highly misleading and it explains what kind of overly simple mindset you silly Americans have .

    A low-income, often jobless, poorly-educated American with no future is ALSO a low-abiding citizen. This the often the early life of most criminals. They are and have been LAW-ABIDING, then they buy guns….and ONE DAY, they stop being law-abiding.

    But of course, since you’re a typical stupid American, you surely don’t see the point here.

  5. menzerna1234

    Let’s face it…GUNS are part of our silly American culture.
    Our ancestors had guns, and now, we still believe we should own guns.
    The fucked-up Constitution is the source of this fucked-up mentality and screwed up culture.

    Compare the 21st century to our ancestors’ times….the population of USELESS, jobless, low-quality people (especially Niggers) has exploded tremendously. Society has changed dramatically, to the point of school shootings and metals detectors in schools.

    Wake up.

  6. menzerna1234


    You’re correct….people kill people. That’s simple logic.

    BUT…how do people kill people??? Fists, knives…..and guns.

    Guns make it so much easier to kill faster, kill more effectively, at a farther range.
    That’s simple logic.

    So, guns shd not be allowed to be owned by just any dickhead who claims to be a “law abiding citizen”.

    Before Matesseranou took his AKs to the streets, he was also a law-abiding citizen who’s allowed to own guns.

    Wake up, numbnuts.

  7. menzerna1234


    Of course I want to see more shootings.

    We American numbnuts ASK for it.

  8. menzerna1234

    Years ago, when dear Mr Lane hasn’t killed anyone, he just another silly American with not much future.

    He was a typical LAW ABIDING citizen, just like you idiots out there who loves guns.

    One fine day, this law-abiding citizen grabs a gun belonging to another law-abiding citizens and starts shooting .

    Since the US is packed with these potentially-psychotic ‘law abiding citizens” who turn rogue……..it confirms that guns are NOT for any average American to own.

  9. menzerna1234

    When any country is fucked with extreme poverty and joblessness, and it allows easy gun ownership,………you’re just asking for trouble.

    I’d like to see a fully-automatic shooting in a university campus or Starbucks…..THEN, perhaps the silly govt will put a stop to gun ownership.

    Most Americans are low-quality, un-predictable LAW-ABIDING imbeciles who can suddenly use their guns or other’s guns to do silly things.

    MILLIONS of “Mr Lane” in the US. Poverty makes it 1000 times worse.

  10. menzerna1234


    Hahahaaaa……if the silly US allows citizens to keep their military service rifles…..I’ll enjoy myself looking at MORE CARNAGE.

    Even with only mere pistols, we low-quality Americans can’t even behave yourselves and hv been creating wonderful carnage.

    Gun ownership is only for high-quality people….highly educated, intellectual, high income Americans leading great lives. These are MUCH MORE unlikely to suffer from “poverty anger/disappointment outbursts”.


  11. Shenanigans07

    UK = Gun control.
    School Shootings in Great Britain last 20 years.1. Thomas Hamilton, Dunblane, Scotland,1996. 18 Shot dead. Including himself.

    US = “Desert Eagle Half Price! Buy now. they’re going fast!”
    High School shootings in United States last 20 years. 100+. Total deaths 194. This does not include injuries.

    Enough said. But I already feel these statistics will go over your head. Your argument is so often used it’s cliché. Those who use it are often stubborn and selfish.

  12. menzerna1234


    You have a low-quality American shooting school kids……and NOW…you have a low-quality American soldier shooting 16 unarmed civilians in Afghanistan.


    2 things confirmed:
    You silly Americans cannot control your emotions, and many of you come from troubled backgrounds. When you CRACK….you go for your guns and do silly things that makes the other nationalities laugh at you.

    You can’t even behave yourselves…and you wanna keep guns?? hahaha…

  13. Jollycoolwater

    @Shenanigans07 Total fatalities of death due to car accidents in the U.S. in 2009 = 33,808. That is within 1 year period. These car deaths are primarily unintentional, thus the term accidents. Should we ban cars?
    As for your numbers on deaths to do guns, those are intentional. Your argument is moot and stupid at best. Just because some idiot decided to use the guns to kill people does not mean law abiding citizens should be denied their 2nd amendment right.

  14. Jollycoolwater

    @Shenanigans07 Countries where citizens are not allowed to own guns have been murdered by their own governments. Over 61 million citizens murdered by Soviet’s Gov., Over 35 million citizens murdered by China’s Gov., Over 20 million citizens murdered by Nazi Germany, Over 1.6 million murdered by North Korea’s Gov., Over 1.6 Million murdered by Vietnam’s Gov.

  15. Shenanigans07

    @Jollycoolwater I wont bother with a counter-argument. Enough was said. Your ignorance was to be expected like I had already said.

  16. Jollycoolwater

    @Shenanigans07 Ignorance? I just gave you facts and you say I’m ignorant? Ignorant of what? You’re a stupid fool. Have you ever lived in a communist country? NO!!! I, on the other hand, HAVE. People like you are the ones who are stupid beyond forgiveness. Your narrow mindedness is unbelievable. Wake up stupid.

  17. Shenanigans07

    @Jollycoolwater Yeah, yeah. Go shoot a can.

  18. Jollycoolwater

    @Shenanigans07 You should not feel alone. There are millions of left wing idiots like you all over the world. Most however are now regrettably sleeping the the bed they made for themselves, by living out their lives in an oppressive communist or a total authoritarian regime. These are the people who fought for socialism, more government, without a 2nd amendment right to defend themselves. I suggest you pack your bags and move to one of these countries. You’ll feel safer there.

  19. Jollycoolwater

    @Shenanigans07 And do not give us this persona like you’re a caring person and do not wish to see others get hurt. What about all the millions of people who died at the hands of these types of government you are so much in favor of?!!!! It is almost impossible to tell someone like you, that you’re stupid. Why? Because you’re too stupid to come to the realization that you are stupid.

  20. Shenanigans07

    Uh huh.left-wing this, right-wing that.
    Blab on all you like, buddy. You’re still stupid.

  21. Jollycoolwater

    @Shenanigans07 LOL

  22. Jollycoolwater

    @Shenanigans07 Don’t be giving statistics unless you really know what you’re talking about, you moron.

  23. Shenanigans07

    @Jollycoolwater I know what I’m talking about you narrow-minded, psychotic imbecile.
    You have the intelligence of a sperm cell. Your argument uses the analogy of using cars, which, is beyond moronic. You’re not worthy of my time.

  24. Shenanigans07

    @Jollycoolwater I know what I’m talking about you narrow-minded, psychotic imbecile.
    You have the intelligence of a sperm cell. Your argument uses the analogy of using cars, which, is beyond moronic. You’re not worthy of my time.

  25. jagkeum1212

    America = own gun = dont cry if your friends get shot dumb Americans P.S im canadian

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