Old School British Thrash. Part 2

Setlist: . Seventh Angel – Full Of Blackness . Hellbastard – Interrogate Them . Amnesia – The Final Revelation . Sacrilege – Sight Of The Wise . Virus – Lunacy . Arbitrater – Guilty Of No Crime . Xyster – Inquisition . Detritus – Point Of No Return . Cerebral Fix – Enter The Turmoil . Deathwish – Demon Preacher

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21 responses to “Old School British Thrash. Part 2”

  1. EvilDead136669

    Great job bro!!!
    Fucking UK Thrash!!!!

  2. EvilDead136669

    …The Sacrilege girl’s so cutie!!!

  3. blackmetaldad

    The Sacrilege and Cerebral Fix albums were recorded in the same studio. The snare drum they made all the bands use was a trigger pad. Of course as it was new technology everyone just agreed!

  4. AnarchoBlackCrust


  5. 09prizefighter09


  6. MariaGrc666

    Hellbastard’s song is so Slayerish!!
    Sacrilege is one of my favorite Uk thrash bands.

  7. thispagesux

    wow, 1 blatent slayer rip off and another metallica rip off

  8. WeStandToFight

    nice compilations but you forgot Atomkraft!

  9. Estiloso

    Atomkraft is not Thrash :S

  10. WeStandToFight

    what are they then? NWOBHM, maybe, but NWOBHM sown the seeds of thrash :)

  11. astraman84

    I liked Xyster but their vocalist was terrible.

  12. armisticio13

    maybe you will say that it´s black metal, or N.W.O.B.H.M.

    but I think you missed Venom

  13. steve01evil

    virus are playing the camden underworld on sunday , ooooh yeah

  14. steveharrismetalgod

    hellbastard’s sound is heavy as fuck!so kickass!love it!…

  15. EternityInValhalla

    Love the british metal scene… but as far as the british thrash scene goes.. I can see why most of them never really got anywhere. I mean, Onslaught, Xentrix, Lawnmower Deth, Sabbat and Xyster were good.. but the rest.. idk. I’ll get downrated for this. Oh well.

  16. xtremejc

    Hellbastard deserved more recognition, they were sick…

  17. seigneurvoland666

    sacrilege rules

  18. hatethrash

    Cerebral Fix CrusThrasher !

  19. sasasayakuza

    yeah you’re right.. you’ll get underrated by me, cause the british thrash scene fuckin’ kick ass, was a little different than the rest of the world thrash scene, like Brazilian it’s aggressive as hell, and the german dark, this is kinda… different, very fuckin great

    Thrash ‘Til Death

  20. EternityInValhalla

    I think I may have been spoilt by the new wave of british thrash. Adrenicide, Hospital Of Death, Pitiful Reign etc etc.

  21. JonnehsWorld

    Virus sounds amazing.

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