Parents at school where teacher admitted sex outraged

the teacher from jimmy carter middle school — who police say admitted to having sex with one of her students — is out of jail this evening. police arrested kristy sanchez- trujillo last night. valerie castro is live at the school where the teacher used to work, with reaction from parents. valerie? students were sent home with a note this afternoon, telling parents about a meeting that aps will be holding tomorrow for parents who have questions or concerns. parents we spoke with today are …

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25 responses to “Parents at school where teacher admitted sex outraged”

  1. annoyingu4fun

    Sociaal studies? Wonder if she is a liberal? LOL

  2. FK4SD

    Lucky little 13 year old

  3. 41elliott

    Sax…… why do I get the feeling that you’re probably required to register with the local police dept. everywhere you live, for life??

  4. saxonone20

    funny, but i’m not. fyi-i havent done anything to be, .you can think what you want 2 there was a time and still is places where a man can marry young girls. how is this wrong? is it not better for a young girl to at least get stability as apposed to being a pregnant teen with an absentee father-its all a matter of perspective. as i know many who are and thats not a great alternative either.

  5. 41elliott

    Well sax, I guess it was your “regardless of age” comment that made me think of the middle east… You know how they do it in Iran.

  6. tse93s

    Well i wish that had been my teacher…i’d never get an F… well an F as in FUCKing… dude that kid is soooooooo damn lucky

  7. FemalePredatorsExist

    Funny that cos it makes me think of Turkey & the Turks.

  8. FemalePredatorsExist

    I know what you mean 41ellloit I have been thinking the exact same thing as you regarding this particular case. All the video’s on sanchez- trujillo on youtube seem to be on a “hit-list” if you know what I mean.

  9. keithtuber

    well…this reporter is hot.

  10. keithtuber

    OH SHIT…13 years old? DAMN!!

  11. matrixownz

    i dont think she should get rape charges becuase he had to get a hardon to fuck her so he wanted it soo its not rape !!!! set her freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. matrixownz

    thats sick dude u gonna fuck a 5 year old if they say they wanna have sex i think u need put in jail theres somthing wrong with u

  13. Manny1222

    I’d hit it. 😉

  14. Patriot16100

    its interesting how they only talk to mothers….
    if they talked to the kids dad he would say “THATS MY BOY”

  15. DoubleDklondike


  16. sedon99

    ROFL thats so true

  17. s13ge

    LOL! She DOES look like BOXXY!

  18. mitsubishidiamante

    man wassup with these Teacher now these days.. these teachers are freaks!!
    i know this one teacher whos involve with swinging & the other she belong to a nudist resort.. wtf is goin on..

  19. futebalmakedonia

    lol the moms like my daughter is 13 to.
    lol the teacher isnt a lesbo,

  20. futebalmakedonia

    no 13 year old boy would say no

  21. ochotresunosalas

    the guy is lucky
    wtf no 13 year old would say no
    shes fine i’d hit it

  22. WickedDesmadroso

    rape me im 23 miss

  23. danblckwd

    I love how they only show womens responses. The way they keep repeating the woman saying how disgusted she is. If it was consentual I dont think she should be charged with rape. At thirteen he was probably trying to seduce her.

  24. kalashnikov567

    hahahahahaha 25yr old in a 13yr old body. she has got to be fucked up in the head.

  25. PruePiperPhoebe123


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