Pick Up Artist ARRESTED For Approaching Women – REAL STORY

www.SucceedAtDating.com This is a true story that happened around two weeks ago when I was filming one of my pickup clips when I was arrested. pua pickup artist, hidden camera,pickup girls,women how to dating

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25 responses to “Pick Up Artist ARRESTED For Approaching Women – REAL STORY”

  1. GeEkyKibBles

    thanks again alex youre the man!! 5*s

  2. rovescidibirra

    Maybe officers were…jealous of your work? Hahaha

  3. benningaNL

    Nice job, keep up the good work !

  4. ViLLaiNxPUA

    Haha, thats so bad. I was thinking of getting a camera for when i go out, to just take pictures of my night, and also had the idea of taking photos of me with women, instead i bought an ipod touch. Oh well, maybe next month when i get paid.

  5. dellbalboa

    Lol funny story Alex,..another one to add in your caliber of stories i guess.

    Funny how the cop became one of your student. Nice work mate.

  6. jk41

    alex dont you have the video to see it . post it on here or did they keep it.

  7. Izakokomarixyz

    I hear Singapore is very strict…

  8. atown2k3

    hey alex its me the cop that arrested you..thanks for teaching me how to get booty

  9. rovescidibirra

    Dear Alex, you look like a very good, smart and well-maniered man.


    -Why tell everybody your surname?
    -Why show your recording methods?
    -Why don’t know exactly laws and rights about all, before make it?

    Anyway, GO ON! Greetings from italy!

  10. MikeLovesChoppers

    Arrested for pickin up chicks? Thats awesome

  11. bob3609

    dawg u got game

  12. allanroyce


  13. pitbullzd

    Mystery created the thing with “picture story” but Alex is one of the best PUAs out there

  14. slava19866

    awesom advice. Ive never thought of it..

  15. slava19866


  16. seductionproducts

    i was sarging in berlin, two undercovercops stopped me and asked for my ID, they asked why do you go to random shops, never buy anything and talk to women.. that was funny, but i don’t go anymore picking up women, was nice experience though

  17. nakedvolleyball

    Oh, yeah…reminds me of a used car salesman actually.

  18. GBfootball50

    Getting arrested like this would actually make a really good DHV story.

  19. danny1qaz2wsx

    nah it would be a DLV

  20. pissek

    respect Alex on ur great work. BTW trying to flash and get attention is a pretty good idea. But the True alpha male confidence mindset come from Inside of your core. once u got that u need no pick up lines or anything :D

  21. ceekay100


  22. CodeDecrypter

    His technique comes from the Mystery’s photo routine in his book like Pitbullzd said, but Alex adds a new spin to it. I like his strategy better to just keep the pics on a memory chip and not develop them.

  23. Idah0

    hmm.. would this work for girls aswell? i mean, im a girl and im always out and about taking pictures..

  24. jilu2014

    thanks man. You rock it really helps to know so many of your videos. Hey Alex do you have any recommendations for people with different languages?

  25. waytomuchattention

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