Piercing The Heart Of A School Bully Teen Rumors and Gossip

TollieSchmidt.com Teenagers and anyone struggling with a bully in your life empower yourself. Cyber Bullying and Punks have no control over you! Understand a warped mindset, take flight and dream. Create your vision and laugh pierce the heart of a bully. Tollie Schmidt lived his life as the fat kid. His weight reached over 500 pounds. Losing over 300 pounds of fat, Tollie struggled with bulimia and became a personal trainer. Today, Tollie’s a highly sought after International Speaker, Author, Producer and Dreamer. Today our Youth have a voice for change. (Empowering Greatness for a Dream-Infused Life). The “Illusion” Teen Anorexia-Eating Disorders-Depression

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26 responses to “Piercing The Heart Of A School Bully Teen Rumors and Gossip”

  1. vidsoncredit

    hvnt heard much about cyberbullying n didnt know its such a big issue.. but with the worlds hackers i’m not surprised.

  2. braniac4u

    vidsoncredit- were have u been. this is a seriously growing epidemic. it is growing in2 a big social issue.

  3. master1batedog

    I dont like the idea of bullying, i did it when i was young and i feel very bad about it now. believe me theres always someone bigger and badder

  4. jvidstar

    I laugh at those people. they are funny how they try so hard to be cool whhen their really being stupid.

  5. jvidstar

    that would be the cyberbullies that im talking about

  6. therandmanner

    jvidstar, ’nuff said. i too laugh at those people. how bad must their lives be that they dedicate themselves to this crap…..


  7. martyrman59

    Hello Tollie,
    I’ve followed your adventures a whle and your videos are great. Keep up the spirit!!!!

  8. margiewells

    You really can’t get away with it anymore. They can find you anywhere even if you think you hide your IP. 5 stars

  9. FeelingTart

    w/ wireless, u might b able 2 cause u can hook in2 some1s IP on the street. keep all personal data off ur laptop. set yp fake email, fake accounts YT/myspace and sit in a different neighborhood everyday tapping in2 unsecure wireless networks.

  10. FeelingTart

    fyi- i’m not condoning the action. i’m against it. but there are ways 2 make it hard 2 find u. Tollies right that there NO WAY 2 get completely away with it. I.e. ppl C u on ur laptop in a car and start calling in ur plates.

  11. tarenclarks

    another gr8 video Tollie *****

  12. cindyclaybourne

    ditto. this is a real Vog. not like some of those high end partners who have ‘nothging real’ to say. You hit the points and hit ‘em hard. 555555*

  13. adamsantmail

    yeah i dont think it does ever die off for some of tose who carry their burderns or grief into adulthood. they jsut keep feeling pain and so they keep giving grief instead of dealing with it

  14. carterdaily

    These are hard times 4 us all. I almost believe we ar facing the end of days. We have to ask, how much worse could thigns get, Tollie…

  15. dabbledoers

    Grwat video Tollie. I mostly feel sorry for bulies.

  16. jediwookiemaster5

    hey dabbledoers, u spelling lessons – hahah, naw, dabbledoers and i are old friends. -funny running into u here girl.

    but u got good taste in vids – Tolli does one of the best Vlogs on YT

  17. doitallnowyeah

    hit the nail on the head Tollie. insightful. 5 stars

  18. OnlyADreamer152

    Perspective. I’d say these are the best days of our life, and could be the easiest.

  19. bkasey49

    Bullies Suck!

  20. justplainsexy01

    Words still hurt. and bullies are jealous very cruel people.

  21. dallaspimp18

    Bullies just need to have their butt Kicked bro, seriously, freakin haters thats all it is. Totally agree about the free hand theory. Punks..

  22. hydrarocks

    I just saw the full version of this over at str8xxxvids(.com), it’s much better with nothing missing. It makes you sign up, but its worth it.

  23. DrawKetsu

    I’ve never been bullied, I was always the one that had to protect other people from the bullies, so it really confuses me how bullying works, especially cyber bullying. The people I knew who got bullied were good people, who didn’t do ANYTHING to provoke it. They’d either just ignore it or say a few words, but never fought back or cried, but they continued to get bullied. I can almost always spot the “victims” now, and it’s sad that for the most part, these are good people with good values.

  24. randomgamer1456

    this is so true, i like your values. good job man!

  25. amberview30

    @carterdaily they seem just as bad as they were ever. I don’t think we will see any “end times” any time soon.

  26. Michael

    I think they need to also check on the bullies for some mental health issues,there are reasons why they do this.

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