Police: Teacher Sent Students Risque Photos

A 24-year old high school teacher in Norfolk, Virginia has been arrested for allegedly sending photos of herself in various stages of undress to students. School officials say she was a first-year social studies teacher and coach. (Feb. 20)

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25 responses to “Police: Teacher Sent Students Risque Photos”

  1. Heathen531

    My sister married a 24 year old man when she was seventeen. I had a 19 year girlfriend when I was sixteen. Maybe you should focus your attention on Hugh Hefner, the dirty old Jew that has made a fortune in the “barely legal” porn industry and is still beloved by the media. The exploitation and ruin of lives caused by Hefner totally overshadows some dingbat with a cell phone.

  2. Heathen531

    spritz–> The funny thing you just don’t seem to understand: The same media conglomerate that owns the network which aired “To Catch a Predator” also make billions producing teen porn…but you have no outrage toward them?

  3. cherryblossem94

    There’s a party in my tummy (so yummy, so yummy) Yes there’s a party in my tummy.

  4. bromeisterbroski

    am i bad person for wishing i was in her class?

  5. Brutal252


  6. bewaver

    Do we get to see the teacher’s pics at least?

  7. johnplayersstandard


  8. jespersschmidt

    Give it a rest all ready…. I mean COME ON, just stop harassing these people by forcing your opinion upon them… And you literally FORCE them!

  9. spitzbully

    Remember what i said i am taking you off my freindslist if i dont get an answer in three days and that a promise. Its not a bluff either

  10. bobafooz

    …you’re an extremely sad, lonely person with far too much time on your hands.

  11. MrCathouse

    To bobafooz: You wanna talk sh*t?? Lets go some, first off: Your nothing but a wornout over the hill 30 something year old women who EVEN me myself wouldnt wanna touch with a 10 foot pole ok!!!.

    I dont consider myself attractive nore ugly because i am in between as far as having average looks.

    And secondly: Your a sorry f*cking exuse for a 38 year old women who has nothing better to do with her time but to fight with people much younger than them. Your truely pathedic. Continue:

  12. MrCathouse

    Continue: Fighting with people on youtube much younger than you really does speak for itself that you have no life and i can see why no guys would wanna have anything to do with you.

  13. bobafooz

    …I’m fifteen. You touch me, you’re arrested like this bitch. xD

  14. Onarugami

    haha if my teacher sent pictures of herself to me……. oooooooooooooo

    i would get a minimum of 400 years

  15. sureiguess1


  16. shananigan69

    arguing on the interent is like the special olympics, even if you win your still retarded… OOOOO snap

  17. Jokerlovestoplay21


  18. larigopsolis

    i wish she was my teacher when i was at high school 🙁

    i would bone her…in the ASS!


    who would be stupid enuff 2tell anyone…fukin a teacher must be kerazy!!Gay litl shit!!

  20. angeldogx

    Life is definitely more interesting in the US than Europe.
    So many crazy people around.
    I mean I for one would have never told anybody that my teacher sent me naked photos except if she was really ugly. That was probably the case.

  21. kunzy3000


    what if she was a MAN

    i bet u could be screaming PEDOPHILE

    pls STOP souding like a RETARDED FEMINISTS

  22. reditreefrogs

    These types of teachers (pedophiles) all end up teaching again in another State. Do you wonder how.

    It happens! Especially when the crime committed has been reduced to the sugar coated lesser charge then it’s always dropped in exchange for probation if it’s the first time they ARE caught.

    That gives them ALL the free pass NOT to have to register as a sex offender, hiding their past and allowing them to teach in another State.

    Only a pretty face gets to use the system.

  23. SpringBreak009

    Their not pedophiles – pedophiles are people who have sex kids age 10 these women had sex with teens their is a differnce.

  24. reditreefrogs

    Your delirious! Get a dictionary and read the definitions dumb-ass…Maybe your a former teacher guilty of doing this…

    There isn’t an actual age to be a pedophile, dugh. This is determined by Law…If you have sex with an under aged child your guilty of rape…Your labeled a sex offender and with it goes the prestigious honor of pedophile.

  25. Javelen

    Really don’t know what the big deal is… i’m sure the majority of male teen’s would enjoy getting explicit photo’s of their attractive teacher’s, would make the classroom a bit awkward, but over all a nice life building experience.

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