Principal Sexually Assaults A Teacher – Episode 117 – 8th June 2012

Teacher Mahima decides to take a leave of 1 month from Rajasthan Public School as she wanted to spend some time with her Daughter thus, she writes an application to PSChaudhary who is the Principal of Rajasthan Public School but a major trouble takes place as Principal reveals Mahima that if she wants a leave, she will have to take extra care of him and thus, tensed Mahima shares this issue with other teachers in the staff room later, Principal misbehaves with Mahima and she files a complaint and all teachers agree to reveal Principal’s truth. With the help of her Husband who is a English teacher in Mangat Ram English High School and teachers she addresses this issue in Media. Will Mahima succeed in sending Principal PSChaudhary to jail? Crime Patrol coming back in its 4th season attempts to bring stories of crime happening all around the country. Crimes that tell us, we need to be careful, we need to be watchful. Crimes that tell us lives could have been saved.Every crime we hear of, either warns us to be careful or scares us, it could happen to us. Every crime ignites a feeling, “It should not have happened”.Would knowing the “Why” behind a crime, help in stopping a crime from happening?”I don’t like the way he looks at me”, “I don’t like the way he/she is behaving”, “I think he/she is out of his/her mind”, “I think he/she has gone crazy”. That gaze, that quirky smile, that persistent stare which unnerves. It is difficult to understand the intentions but the hints are 

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24 responses to “Principal Sexually Assaults A Teacher – Episode 117 – 8th June 2012”

  1. nazimscr

    those 7 people who disliked this video must be relative of that principal

  2. vikysaran

    here is the real case with news video-

  3. contact2sangwan

    nothing will happen.. ye sab gove  se mile hua hai aur gove khud action nhi lena chata hai

  4. TheStarryboy

    aggar yeh buddha smart aur handsome hain…toh main hrithik roshan huun

  5. Ghulam Abbas Memon

    Aye Beru!!!! Kiya mast acting he yaar!!!! Aur to aur ANUP SUNI SAHEB ki to kiya baat, his good character in CRIME PATROL….. Nice…

  6. 4699954

    salute to policeman for taking immediate action

  7. maheshnurfriend

    I think the dislikes are for the incident and the result… Even I am confused whether to like the video or dislike the incident

  8. maheshnurfriend

    what sort of the committee is this where the accused himself is in the committee!!???

  9. xxxAl0nexxx

    Q uc bechari ne kya kiya hai agr tum koi gunha karo ya main koi gunha karu to kya humhre ghar walo koi saza de de log afsos tum ne comment kiya per uc se zyda k logo ne uce like b kiya…

  10. tahir shahzad

    im tahir from pakistan,,aor main ye kehna chahta hun k gunah aor gunegaron k hilaf is programme k ziriye ap ki ladae qabil e tareef hy lakin maza to tb ae na jb ap ki govt. b in gunegaron k hilaf jald se jald action liya kary.
    main aor meri sari family apka ka programme bohat like kartay hain.
    aor ham sb ki ye dua hy k ap log is program k ziriye jo pegham awam tak pohchana chahtay hain us main apko kamyabi mile [ameen]

    allah hafiz

  11. MrOmlalu

    9 dislikes i think these guys don’t love their families..!!

  12. omrajne

    anup soni rocks again

  13. MyGs12345

    Anp soni is awesome

  14. KING40255

    tnx bro bt aap jitna bhi bolo ye log nahi sunenge ye log to serf maza lene ki liya youtube me aaya

  15. KING40255

    yes ur right abhi ham log janwar se niche aa gaya

  16. bushmishi

    what kind of husband is he , mere husband mujhe wapas nai bhejte aise jagah!

  17. manigreat80


  18. akram392

    Is Principal Ko Beech Chorahe Par Nanga Khada Karke Iski Gaand Main Haathi Ka Lauda Gused Do…Aur Iska Lauda Kaat Do….Na Rahega Baans Na Bajegi Baansuri

  19. vageeshhiremath

    he must be punished immediately….

  20. vageeshhiremath

    us school….me koi mard ka baccha nahi hai kya….us princi ka samne karne…..sab shikandi hai sale….?

  21. sihayajim

    Corrupt ass people and a stupid wife couldnt see her horny husband is walking with a boner….luckily we have women who stand up for themselves love this epidose and love its ending god bless

  22. sandeep12155

    Sony channel is really doing an good work through their episodes i support the cause and ask the respected authority to take the strict action against such peoples,and appeal to organisations to make their work place safe and secure for women’s……

  23. sandejai

    kyaat bola.. last the dialog ek numbr tha.. shabbbaash

  24. vadile4u

    wat a cowered husband, fukin dik head he is.

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