Public Banishment Order against Crimes of Church and State Issued at St. Michael’s Cathedral

TORONTO Friends & Relatives of the Disappeared display informational signs about genocide in Canada across the street from the St. Michael’s Catholic Cathedral. Carrie reads the ‘Public Banishment Order against Genocidal Churches Posted around the World’ and presents it to an official inside the Church as security calls the cops. Gary stays in front with the signs and Daniel films while a police officer arrives and warns about trespassing on private property… A copy of the Banishment was also translated into Italian and posted on a doorway of the Vatican in Rome. Carrie Lester reads out the full ITCCS Press Release ‘Tribunal Launched into Crimes Against Humanity’ Read the truth of genocide in Canada and globally at: The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State Hidden No Longer http Hidden From History

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9 responses to “Public Banishment Order against Crimes of Church and State Issued at St. Michael’s Cathedral”

  1. dynotuner

    If I was there I’d give both of them a big hug! Well done! I will send this video to all my friends. I was abused by the church , so I can identify with the feeling…

  2. sunchimedia

    quite an undertaking! i shall stay tuned for progress and view the movie you linked to. i admire your strenth,barefoot on a dog. sending love, sunchi

  3. merryprankster60

    GARY!!!! lol

  4. merryprankster60

    GARY!!!! lol – ah yes, I heard it, he did say, “That’s true, that’s very true!” at 7:20

  5. harderindian

    Much Respect for your Part in bringing the truth to their front doors.

    Russ L.

  6. onerizle

    Cops are gay hypocrites.

  7. jossgower

    well done, saw the film on this subject… just terrible

  8. jossgower

    no law against using a megaphone!!

  9. mailw1n

    I love this man and this woman. I believe they can be more effective when they are talking to people who are in charge of things. Know your enemy. Know their laws. Know how much things are worth for them. Know what it is you are reclaiming from them. Make an assessment on how they could fight back. Be realistic and push through. See if you can have more people behind you and get them with paperwork. I hope you get all the support you need. You’re working for a just cause.

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