Rape and Reality in America

www.davidduke.com (NO profanity or epithets in comments!) This video is the incredible story of a 16 year old high school cheerleader who is gang raped by a football star and three others. The rapists are caught in the act, DNA evidence also proves the rape, and THEY WALK. Rakheem Bolton is offered a plea bargain and is punished with anger management classes. He returns to school. Then the cheerleader who was raped goes back to school, rejoins the squad and when she is told to cheer for her rapist she remains silent. For not cheering for her rapist she is kicked off the squad. The whole case is proof of the degeneracy that settled on America and Europe. This video is a wakeup call of the Hollywood NY media induced degeneracy on our people and the whole world. It also exposes the sports madness in America and Europe, where a 16 year old girl rape victim is not as important as rapist sports star!

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25 responses to “Rape and Reality in America”

  1. inhuman0id

    @Watchmenz oh.. was he raping babes?

  2. inhuman0id

    @Watchmenz you are THE PROBLEM – you defend GANG RAPISTS

  3. inhuman0id

    @salbal777 take your laws and go back to were you came

  4. n00ffensebut

    If Emmett Till could inspire the civil rights movement, then one of these cases should be allowed to inspire political action. If David Duke led the movement, it would be automatically discredited in the minds of most people. The best approach is to get tough on all crime and push the corrupting influence of institutional sports out of our lives. Also, science is beginning to uncover the genetics of black violence. That is an entirely different approach from sensationalizing and blaming Jews.

  5. BIGLOU88

    @inhuman0id I know who owns the FED, but the statement I meant about race and cultures were really about blacks. But don’t get mad at the Jews either because there are plenty of sellouts from all sides.

  6. 2serveand2protect


  7. lillyflowerfirelight

    i want you to run for president. i’m not white per se, ethnic origin is turkish
    i watch your videos religiously and totally support your agendas, especially concerning the jews

  8. DanteBellavoix

    LOL she got raped in Texas? Of course they would let a sports player slide.. Rakheem could have killed her and get away with probation.

  9. 541R0

    @shellcracker7 wow, more useless stats – have you looked at poverty trends with those stats? not to mention, the most devastating crimes are always white pple ie. global financial crisis which affects billions of people.

  10. EuphoricImpact

    When this video was addressing the issue of a helpless girl being raped by brutes (despite their ethnicity) this I can support. No person should be tormented and abused (no one Mr. Duke). However, I see the spin…..white skin is equated to good and black skin is equated to bad.

    I have never seen Mr Duke speak out against criminal offenses made against anyone other than Whites or the Palestinians. His argument would have more validity if he supported Justice for All.

  11. EuphoricImpact

    @EuphoricImpact Black crime is not headlined? What universe do you live in….race is a huge avenue to be employed for dividing people. I remember when the Duke students were accused. I stay consistent….good people (and NO race has a market on that) do not want to see people harmed. This is just a slick presentation, rife with emotions to sell your point. How about attacking the issue versus promoting the agenda of hate. How about you getting out there and working to get real justice?!

  12. EuphoricImpact

    @EuphoricImpact I appreciate many of your points. America is failing, we are plagued with images from the media constantly, and people are being mass controlled. However, Hollywood is part of the problem! When I was growing up my parents would monitor what I read and watched on TV. Maybe addressing parents and encouraging them to be real parents would be better suited to seeing real change. Hollywood is a monster that paints images of all people in a way that is nothing but illusion.

  13. shellcracker7

    So you are trying to say that black’s rape whites exponentially more than whites rape blacks … because those blacks are need money? Not likely.

    I believe the ethnic group which is proportionately the most responsible for global financial hardship today is Jewish. Jews should be considered a separate group from other whites (who are called ‘goyim cattle’ by Jews). David explains it pretty well in this other video.
    Dr. David Duke Top Rabbi exposesJewish racism ( MUST SEE)

  14. cRaZyFuKa119

    America is fucked. every bitch in their high-schools LOVE acting like sluts and dress like sluts, no wonder they get raped – because they ask for it in those ways.

  15. EuphoricImpact

    @cRaZyFuKa119 Yes, America is in a rapid decline.

    However, No one should be subjected to this sort of behavior! Rape is not a game, it is a violation!

    It does not matter if one dressed “inappropriately”, nor does their behavior matter. Either the act is consensual or not All people should be free from this rabid mindset. It is appalling that you would support violence.

    This is not some twisted fantasy. I doubt highly that this young lady wanted this outcome.! Seek help.

  16. cRaZyFuKa119

    @EuphoricImpact i quote from your text “Rape is not a game, it is a violation! It does not matter if one dressed inappropriately, nor does their behavior matter.” …that is so, but most ppl in this world DONT think like that, to YOU it doesnt matter, logically – it shudnt matter like you said, but it DOES matter that 1 dressed inappropriately together with slutty behaviour causes people to think evil, & do bad things. wake up & smell the fucking coffee. ur perfect world doesnt exist. Idiot!

  17. cRaZyFuKa119

    @EuphoricImpact ps: there is always 2 sides to a story, im not saying im rooting for the rapists, but that slut is not completely innocent either, she probably provoked them in high school during each day, how the hell do u know what happened? dont act like you know the story. it takes 2 to tango.

  18. GlobalMinority

    @cRaZyFuKa119 – that is so far from the truth it’s mind boggingly how the heck you think the way you do. Who dropped you on your head when you were a baby? And this is coming from a WHITE WOMAN and proud one at that.

  19. EuphoricImpact

    @cRaZyFuKa119 It is not a matter of a establishing a Utopia. It is a matter of respect and living by a code that is not determined by outside influences. One that respects life and one’s path.

    Yes there are always multiple sides to a conflict. However, either a sex act is consensual or not. No one should be allowed to rape another. There is no debate that would justify this action. Please seek medical attention.

  20. EuphoricImpact

    @cRaZyFuKa119 You do not know if she was a slut. You have no evidence. Even if she was that does not make the actions taken against her legal. This was not consensual action gone bad…you do not have a leg to stand on. What you are doing is trying to find reason to make this acceptable. If she provoked them in school then she was wrong. However provoking someone is not a license to do harm to them. There is no sane reasoning that adequate for explicit approval of rape.

  21. pitolove71

    When did you become a Dr. duke?


    @KORKONEASDOLOFONOS Boy, you must be really stupid if you do not understand what is going here. Watch the video a few more time and maybe you’ll catch on. Or maybe your a BLACK or a ZIONIST and you think it’s ok for negoids to gang rape young white girls and go unpunished? Geez!


    @woaibailong BLACK on WHITE RAPE is alot higher than 50 times! Alot higher!

  24. 541R0

    @shellcracker7 ur getting annoying now.. did u ever think how they got away with the rape mentioned in this video? sure the black guy did the crime, but who were the people that defended him and helped him get away with it? – whites. BUT, I never intended to make this an issue of race with my comments as Xcorgi was trying to (who was probably a jew as well). pple like u who try to simplify it into a race war are making it easier for the zionsts to exert their control. now pls stop annoying me.

  25. ldklol

    FACTS Cant be rasict!!!

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