Real-Life High School Musical

After several of his students died from gang violence, LA drama teacher Jamal Speakes set out to produce a play which would inspire all. Bill Whitaker reports on this teacher’s “American Spirit.”

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17 responses to “Real-Life High School Musical”

  1. AngelQueen55

    wow I love stories like these people trying to make a difference

  2. ennaej9

    Great story!

  3. gingerpyle24

    I saw this story on the news tonight and loved it, would love to see the show, however our country is in serious crisis and you are not reporting important news.
    Man-made global warming has been exposed as a hoax, the President is about to sign a treaty that will effectively end our sovereignty. Dont you think your fellow Americans have a right to be informed about what the entire world is buzzing about? Climategate.

  4. awaseniu

    Talk about your good ideas, this is one great idea. Great story.

  5. slygirls09


  6. IronyBeaver

    Nobody wants to see that shit. People want good news.

  7. jenscudder


  8. Ludthinks

    you’re mean. the news channels talks about global warning.

  9. ManuelDR1969

    what a piece of shit play, i’d rather see the god awful movie instead

  10. hwachong


  11. Alchymyst02

    Very inspiring, I feel this man is similar to Tyler Perry (whom I respect grately) who is trying to make all of us realize we should try to get along because we’re all human beings.

  12. bluepear7

    Very cool!

  13. 87California

    racism is a bitch

  14. naminememoryprincess

    dude, i wanna see that play!

  15. Santi00231

    Mannnn i loved workin this Play got to meet so many good people and cant wait to go on tour this summer
    PhiLA is coming to a city near you soon

  16. trishipooh

    dope speakes!!! i am so proud of yall!!!

  17. AshleyFrancoisC

    wow really inspiring

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