Renu, a school teacher is burnt alive by a priest – Episode 118

Shakti Anand narrates the story of a naive young girl named Renu who was a school teacher in the small town in Rajasthan. Renu was in love with a man named Jai Pratap Rathore. Jai took Renu to his home to introduce to her parents who readily accepted her. However, their family priest called Renu unlucky for the family and asked them to get rid of her as soon as possible. Jai tries to convince his parents for Renu but in vain and decides to leave home forever. Further, Jai and Renu get married in a court irrespective of his parents’ objection. Renu’s friend warns her against the priest but a determined Renu is not intimidated. A woman eavesdrop on their conversation and reports to the priest. What will the priest do? What will happen of Renu? Watch this thrilling episode to find out. CRIME PATROL is a reality series. However the case presentation would be a story telling form that would have the interest of a fiction drama presentation. The prelude and finale to the case would make the case a complete story. Interactions with the analysts on the show would be treated with the audience interest point of view keeping it only as much as essential to the story telling. Going beyond the drama of police action in a crime situation, the show also aims to look into the why behind a crime. Police action on one hand gives the show the edge of how the law keepers bring the culprits to book or stop a crime from being committed. On the other hand, the show will also be looking at the 

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