Replacing parts

Holism — changing one part of a system without changing the other parts are hard as they often reinforce one another, if you do mannage to change only one then the system is likely to either fall completely the original state, or completely a new one; these options are not equally likely. Applies to people with a disease (cure it but not the reason it came along, they’ll get it again), addiction, crime (prison), education (hard to make someone living in the ghetto good at school unless you change the first part) war ( in iraq we depose one leader, the nation collapses back as the rest unchanged). It applies both ways

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2 responses to “Replacing parts”

  1. Kaddaemon

    So are you trying to say that people need to be on the same page about the desired ideal change?

  2. unassumption

    well if the person being changed agrees they should, it’s much easier to do so, and if different institutions want different things from a person that’s unlikely to end well. But mostly I was saying people are in large part products of their environment, and efforts to change a person that ignore the environment, or focus on one small aspect of it, are unlikely to succeed, yet are the only efforts we seem to be making.

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