Roger Hodgson “School” (Supertramp) – Showing visually the complex L and R ch phase relationship

A Tektronix 7603 plug-in O-scope visually in real-time displays L and R channel information indicating both phase and amplitude of the Left and Right channels in dancing Lissajous patterns. Special note: Roger Hodgson, co-founder of Supertramp is currently on tour, visit for his latest tour schedule or go to to pick up his latest album. He is also touring in Canada November 12-13 . copyright approval granted

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25 responses to “Roger Hodgson “School” (Supertramp) – Showing visually the complex L and R ch phase relationship”

  1. garybh2112

    I (unfortunately) didn’t (and still don’t have ), the right sort of brain for school.

  2. DanAndHoe

    If you mean that it doesn’t matter wether or not there’s a vid as long as the music sounds good, then yes!

  3. iwtkc

    sry for the noobishness.. but what is this scrambled lines machine actually recording?

  4. TheHephaystos

    @iwtkc This machine actually records nothing. It just shows visually the relationship between right and left channel information (sound) in real-time by showing phase and amplitude of each channel. So basically what you see here is music in stereo ;o)

  5. nudracr


  6. Centurian73

    @guytitanic rofl ya got that right…great comment 😉

  7. rjmendera

    i first heard Supertramp in a friends basement playing pool:: at a good volume.!!…i was carried away by the interesting sound and it still works pretty good,…thanks for posting…rjmendera

  8. magnatgmc40

    wonn school non looooool

  9. 69mcduff

    Welcome Back to School!!!! dj mcduff

  10. MegaChrist69

    souvenir quand tu nous tiens sa fait du bien!
    vive la musique!

  11. attapattapie

    want to to be blown away with scope visuals. In late 70s in school I would put on pink floyds another brick in the wall pt 1. The intro is amazing. No other song does this. Never thought Id see this on you tube. was alot of fun back then.

    thanks for posting. Marko Hsv AL

  12. mikecappa

    too smart for me

  13. Smoethboy

    Wow this song is awesome!!

  14. goodgoodgoodful

    most primitive of electrical yet quite cool music visualization before those in music player softwares?

  15. Gigatone00

    Thanks for the Upload man, i love this song, its great quality.

  16. kenwood1033


  17. MrAtalanter

    vidéo malheureuse, mais le titre tient toujours la route.. quel titre !!

  18. uploadJ

    @MrAtalanter –

    I am sorry you find the video portion unhappy or unfortunate, but that was not the intent of producing this work; it is by happenstance in a scientific pursuit that this particular video with it’s copyrighted sound track has survived author and music company copyright claims that have erased other works using the same copyrighted sound track …

    In any case, thank you for your feedback and yes, it is a good tune!


  19. EddieVanHalenforLife

    the scream is the most cool part. haha

  20. pepo123455

    I will like to see the same for a beatles song

  21. ajjules1

    when i was 17, listening to vthis band, getting stoned for the 1st time

  22. ajjules1

    when i was 17, listening to vthis band, getting stoned for the 1st time
    i was a freekin A student in high school, just like to party abit

  23. reddef49

    Genial, je pensais pas scotcher la video comme ca lol

  24. gekkepopapenkop

    Thanks! Finally the song in good quality!

  25. ZacharakisC


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