Roger Hodgson – School (Supertramp)

Roger Hodgson – School (Supertramp)

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25 responses to “Roger Hodgson – School (Supertramp)”

  1. Lightfoto04

    Das war über Jahre hinweg mein absoluter Lieblingshit….irgendwann in den 70igern….

  2. gubagga

    @Lightfoto04 es gibt lieder die werden nicht alt…man kann dabei immer wieder sein und denken wie damals…oh shit was schreib ich denn da

  3. Lightfoto04

    Ach was, warum denn nicht. Diese Freiheit muss und darf man sich nehmen!

  4. demonrock33

    me gusta 20 veses mas la original

  5. styxreo

    Amazing. When was this recorded? He DOES sound excellent. Hasn’t lost anything!

    Thanks for posting this Joe!

  6. laggie24

    This song always gave me an extra heartbeat … 2.25-4.28. – cca. 2 mins full of joy and uplifting sound. Excellent post….Tks.
    p.s. School or work ain’t any difference .. AHHHHHH YA COMING ALONG!!!!

  7. PAGEY62

    Simply magnificent!

  8. kattiahelen

    mi juventud que nunca la olvidare……quito ecuador…1980

  9. MrAtalanter

    cette chanson est une pure beauté!

  10. anaumia

    the golden rules make me laugh now in this crazy world…..
    roger was a prophet ;its like the wall from pink floyd….

  11. bottleimp007

    I’m just blown away by the spirit of this song and of Roger and the harmonica player (that’s not Rick Davies, is it?). The spirit and emotion just shines – just beautiful.

  12. DoutorSucata

    Para quem gosta de progrecivo mas acha Pink Floyd deprecivo , essa é banda exata

  13. pleyadesm45

    Tengo muy claro que para conseguir el legendario sonido de Supertramp no es necesario sonido del grupo.

  14. AAMR1977

    Coincido contigo, desde que escuché los “cassettes” del album “Paris”, me di cuenta que este grupo era totalmente diferente a los demas, sono como grabado en el estudio!!!
    Añado algo, Roger Hodgson hacía la diferencia, por eso hoy él puede presentarse solo.

  15. razerfish

    this song sucks.

  16. digitalportugal

    Roger glows :)

  17. eXTaSY1900

    da bekomme ich pure gänsehaut ich bin jetz 16 und habe es leider nicht erlebt und kenne sie auch erst seit heute nacht durch meinen vater da er sowas in seiner kindheit nur gehört hat und ich finde diese band einfach klasse (diese musik) es ist der reine hamma

  18. topographicdream

    No drummer, no guitar???? He can’t afford them???

    Sorry…. this song is ALL about the drumming and guitar playing.

    Glad I saw this, won’t be going to his concerts if he is too cheap to have a great band around him. I am highly surprised by this.

  19. CarDriverTalk

    u “top…-watever fuck” go self, make your own song and the group if u can afford them…

    Roger, just fine !

  20. Mezzei

    Oberhammerbrunzbriglgeil & Grenzgenial ^^

  21. XOOMY0509

    was ist das für ein blödes lied

  22. visje92

    wheres the original on youtube…?

  23. topographicdream


    Lost your pacifier? Look on the floor or under your blankey.

    I am tired of individuals from great bands not realizing the whole is much greater than the parts. Check the egos and go back to where the greatness was created. In this case Supertramp. Understand??

  24. topographicdream

    @CarDriverTalk Roger is fine, but he was spectacular in Supertramp.

  25. footiehollic

    topographicdream…. its not about the backing, you should appreciate good music for what it is, not superficial aspects.

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