Rome High Teacher Arrested

Rome High teacher arrested

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12 responses to “Rome High Teacher Arrested”

  1. MarvelMaster7

    that was my geometry teacher…………

  2. xMistsx

    Mine too… wtf no way

  3. SwaggaRistic

    My Fucking Geometry Teacher!!!

  4. rsbrand1

    Maaaan…we aint got no piano player for church..Dang James..This Steven from church cuz….dang cuz…Dont worry man we got back lika a chiroprac…God Bless..I guess we got acapella Sunday… Keep yo head up mane..but dang who gone play the piano cuz…I guess Ms. Vaugn but she be on the organ..well ok..peace..and keep yo keep up… Tell rob we going to Club Cali when you get out!!!!

  5. datchick4rmga

    well darn ima act a fool in 6th period monday! I hope we have mrs rogers as a sub!! FREE MR LEE

  6. geo77a

    i really feel bad that he has to go through this….But God will work it out!!!

  7. Guckums

    I agree

  8. vr66r

    Geez thanks for all the info in the description. WTF was he arrested for dumbass.

  9. Guckums

    Hey Ethan, if that is your name

  10. psncoolpj

    Man this is Bull…What happened… i graduated last year and i heard about this stupid thing..

    Is this really true.. this is of his 10th Grade Geometry Student

  11. psncoolpj

    hey who is this? mr. lee was my geometry teacher in 10th grade.. i graduated class of 08

  12. DJJrocofficial

    chris twyman as a lawyer= plea deal…he gone do some time…

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