Roseanne S5 Ep13 Crime And Punishment Pt1 (pt.2)

DJ is doing his homework (with no help from Dan) when Darlene comes in and starts to attack him. She accuses him of sabotaging her pants. Dan and Roseanne separate them and we see Darlene’s green posterior. DJ put bath beads in her pants and when she sat down, they burst. Unsure of what punish to give to DJ, Dan and Roseanne let Darlene dole it out. She makes him wear a suit and tie to school the next day. The next scene is a daytime shot of Dan holding the “Conner Unemployed Invitational” poker game at his house with all the usual cronies. After some tempers flare and Fisher walks out, Dan gets a phone call from the school regarding some obscene material DJ brought to school. He calls Roseanne at the Lunch Box and she makes him take care of it, with both of them thinking DJ had found one of his Playboys. After finding out what school DJ goes to from Roseanne, he goes there to see what happened. The Principal (Ed Begley, Jr.) shows him that DJ brought a comic book to school – not a dirty book. Dan’s relief is short lived when he thumbs through it and sees that it’s very graphic and asks where DJ got it. DJ, in his suit, replies that he got it from Darlene-she made it. Back at the Lunch Box, Roseanne and Jackie argue about her relationship with Fisher and Jackie Storms out. Roseanne gets home and talks to Dan about the “obscene reading material.” Roseanne laughs at it to Dan’s dismay because he thinks that Darlene is troubled. Jackie shows up at the Conner house to 

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5 responses to “Roseanne S5 Ep13 Crime And Punishment Pt1 (pt.2)”

  1. XChecksterX

    THE most moving episode(s) ever in Roseanne.

  2. SpaceNTime77

    thanks for the uplaod! Good stuff

  3. Amity197111

    well if i remember correctly ouch ouch my head…!!!!……go dan !!

  4. JessicaCasarez

    Thanks for the upload. :)

  5. me2wonder

    I love the audience’s reaction at 4:09 they were all “yeah you go Dan!!”

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