S G – Knife Crime

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21 responses to “S G – Knife Crime”

  1. cono700

    yes yes s.g sick trak
    cum em cummin

  2. Eggbertie

    Gwarn-Wahh G.S
    you warm yeah?
    what you been not saying?
    I know dat dat about crime knife enit bup bup
    stay unlocked

  3. stigg46

    yes sam keep goin hya gettin big
    jordan f

  4. ddanielkk08

    Gd Trak Bro !

  5. HaloBrap

    sick tune

  6. callom90

    nice nice nice really digs down into some ppl

  7. BlueArmy1993

    big tune keep them cumin!!!

  8. MarieyLouisex3

    Really Goood.
    Made me cry.
    Its ALOT! <3333

  9. makemyownway


  10. TayTayTazza


  11. LILK4ZZ4

    im a new grime mc
    with my first track on my page entitled
    ‘ when will it stop ‘
    check me out and leave comments

  12. stuckey025

    nott badd like u need to work on the chorus thou man cause irs like a version of a musical when this is meant to be a straight up mc/rap ect u know the rest work the chrous everything else just mint man (Y)

  13. jadeakagawjus

    Can Some1 Send me dis plz ? x

    R,i,p Danny ,, 31 Oct 1993 – 10 April 2009:’(

  14. RhysMedcraft

    Sick Track Sg

  15. bmanz09

    u no smithy dont ya it a fuckin ill track S.G

  16. pearsonn69

    Bigg Tuneeee Yess S.G

  17. GraffMyTing

    yes heavyy tuneeee

  18. blork5

    Don’t carry a knife

    Carry a gun and be safe.

    Armed societies are the safest societies.
    Look at mandatory gun ownership in Kennesaw, Georgia and Switzerland.

  19. oldham74

    good tune .. but you think dis is goot check out ….. E.L.Y Knife Crime 2008

  20. Tori797

    mad good babes

  21. elyman2k9

    sikk tuneeee!!

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