Sandy Binkley Sex Scandal Teacher- A Naughty Married Mom

Sandy Binkley, 36 year-old, a married mother of three children and teacher of Portland High School – Tennessee was arrested for having SEX with a 17 year-old male teen. Was it enough to her? No, not at all… few days after, TWO more male students have said they’ve also screwed Mrs. Binkley. So it was with 3 male students at least… See what one of these boys said in his testimony about the sex meeting with Mrs. Binkley: “She laid down on the desk and I began to have intercourse with her …

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7 responses to “Sandy Binkley Sex Scandal Teacher- A Naughty Married Mom”

  1. Vancewall

    i went to portland haha

  2. orgasmtron

    dam, its hard to say I know how women turn stories around, but on the other hand teenagers are known for doing the same

  3. ddrgeek1987

    Way to go, Ike Broflovski

  4. MissLaurenAshleyLove

    I’m seriosuly ashamed. ”/ She has added to the bad rep of our town, way to go.

  5. darkstar0709

    Its women they are sick int he head these days thats what happens when you give them rights they start acting like men

  6. snuffles001

    i want to believe her but……sucks to be her kids

  7. thelegendarypaki

    She wasn’t like any rape victim I have seen. Was it one of those situation where a student forced her but she liked it?

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