Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. Newton,Ct. Video 27 Dead, 18 Children

At Least 27 Dead in School Shooting Connecticut At Least 27 Dead in School Shooting Connecticut. Reports say at least 27 dead including at least 18 children. RIP

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25 responses to “Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. Newton,Ct. Video 27 Dead, 18 Children”

  1. Pauline Duong

    Cannot hold my tears!!!!

  2. Spitfire995

    So punch me in the mouth when you see me. The 2nd amendment will not be infringed no matter what you left wing assholes will say or do. 9,000 people die every year in America because of guns, 33,000 because of car crashes. So why don’t we ban cars first and then discuss the possibility of violating an amendment.

  3. Lovsongwithoutyou23

    Re post this every were! R.I.P little angels of CT you will always be remembered<3

  4. wanda696969

    May OUR children rest in peace. Tonight we weep together. Hug your children, your brother and your sister… 

  5. blumobean

    Thanks. There are some among us that can not face the fact; there is true evil in the world. The real question is not what methods this bastard used, but why he did it. After a few days we will learn that he was a problem for some time and should have been locked up or destroyed.

  6. Pineclown

    Please shut the fuck up. Not everyone is born with a normal fully functional minds. This isn’t some fictional secret society or whatever you claim too, you need to open your mind and rationalize. Seriously, you are as bad as if not worse than the people you are targeting.

  7. blumobean

    If the whole nation had good gun control laws like Washington D.C., Chicago and Detroit this shit would stop. In these cities the gun control laws really work and there is no gun problems there. In China they are so enlighten that they have knife control (true, yes you have to show ID to but a large knife), but the law needs a little tweaking. A guy over there attached a group of children and injured over 20.

  8. blumobean

    The sad thing is you may be right. MK ultra might be real.

  9. sethwinters35

    Yeah, ok, whatever dumbass troll

  10. vtcpdx

    And, no big surprise, you loose the argument again. Lets try this pilgrim. Why don’t you argue like it’s your little girl or boy staring down the barrel of a Glock. What would you would want in your hand if you saw your child shit and piss themselves as their peers were shot to pieces? DUMB FUCK. It’s time to stop this shit, even if it means killing gun control nut cases like you. Don’t worry I’m a good shot. I would have killed this shooter and I can kill you with no problem, I’ll sleep well.

  11. Moe dre

    Wow I know this sad but this goes on everyday in Syria etc and they don’t get no publicity just sad

  12. blumobean

    I thought you were against violence, punch someone in the mouth. I guess you are just against gun violence.

  13. raiinbowPoniiz

    Chicago and Detroit have some of the worst crime rates and gun problems in the nation because only the criminals have guns… if you really think gun restrictions would stop criminals and maniacs like this guy your out of your mind. Breaking a few firearm possession laws is the last thing these guys care about.

  14. blumobean

    You are on the right track, you just need to research more. With a little more research, you will find out who is killing who. When you do find the group that is using the guns do not post it anywhere. If you do tell the truth people will call you a racist. By the way, Yemen has a population of 25 million, we have a population of 312 million, therefore their gun death rate is 5.3 times higher than ours, check my math and then give me a logical reason for their higher rate. Could it be culture?

  15. eruweraranj0r

    US Dictators will be ecstatic! Closer and closer to forcefully disarming America. I predict that the CIA are responsible for this. What’s the bet American numbnutses will spam this post. They probably still believe the CIA is a government institution, doing good. Foreigners have been victims of the US’s CIA terrorist operations for decades. Anyone with a brain will understand. The UN has tried to dictate world-wide gun laws. It’s only a matter of time before the dictators succeed. Fuck the world

  16. kawaiisquishiespop

    That’s so sad !

  17. blumobean

    You need to read all my comments, I have several on here. I own a total of 11 guns, have had guns all my life, was raised with guns, raised my children and grandchildren with guns, have used guns professionally (combat), have had to use a gun to protect my family. Even you have not come to grips about the cities I mentioned. What group of people are using the guns in a criminal way? By the way, do you know what “facetious” means.

  18. Smiley Junko


  19. thige0606

    🙁 tooo sad for me to put my opinion on it…. R.I.P LIL ANGELS!!!!

  20. champjr12at

    THERE IS NO FN MOTIVE this is absolutely horrible evil to the core…What type of excuse will the media give this gunman as they usually do like an illness or bad childhood….BULLCRAP no remorse sympathy for this pathetic soul

  21. blumobean

    Hey Brother, You and I both know you are right. These people are so stupid that they believe “just get rid of the guns (how) and everyone will be safe”. I served a total of 37 years (active and National Guard), was in the infantry (1st Cav 68-69) was in many firefights, Afghanistan (2002-03 at the age of 55) as a sniper, still shoot good groups at long range, have used a gun to deter a threat to my family, and I sleep well. The problem is, don’t threaten these people, that is what they want.

  22. Kiara Lopez

    Why do whites always kill innocent  people? First in arizona 7 shot including one member of congress by a white, then in colorado i white who thought he was joker goes to the movies and shoots 50 innocent people killed around 15 and now a white goes into a elementary and kills 20 children besides being racist thats why whites are alone in this world they have no friends very sad:(

  23. violetlikesdatass

    This breaks my heart. Children went to school today and will not come home. Parents will have Christmas gifts their babies will never see. I’m just in shock that things like this happen, and my heart goes out to the families

  24. BlueStarArt

    It should be a crime to leave guns unsecured. If your gun gets stolen, you need to be charged with a felony.
    Ammo should be taxd at about $25 per round unless you are shooting at a proper shooting range.
    No gun should fire more than one round at a time.
    The days of a powerful NRA are over.
    ..and BTW, under Obama, gun rights have expanded. Obama made it legal to have guns in national parks.
    Are you going to attend the funerals wearing a big I LOVE THE NRA button?

  25. Shyla Blackburn

    so suck. that ass hole killed so many kid. that make me sooooo pissed off.

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