“Say The Word” by The Classic Crime

This was a music Video I created in High School. The Cinematography is obcviously beginner, but the message is deep. This video actually is inspiring my current 16 mm Film Project called “God Is…” Which I hope to have up in a few months.

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25 responses to ““Say The Word” by The Classic Crime”

  1. nozari011

    HottLikeWasabe: i think the “christian” perspective of this song is, in my opinion, how as christians we are called 2 be set aside, 2 b “different” in socities eyes. The song is someones cry 2 b different, 2 b the odd factor in our twisted & messed up culture…2 give up what they know & follow God. Also, any love song (like romantic love songs, not sexual love songs) can b inturpreted as christian cuz God is love, & love is God so any love song can b about God! did that help answer ur question?

  2. soadfan676

    im pretty sure this isnt nesicarrily a christian song, i dont seee where you people are getting this idea, i mean honestly listen to the lyrics. sounda more like a love song to me
    but then again that wuold make to much sense wouldent it? i swear people are just getting stupid these days, where did the christian thing come from wih this???
    if it was a christian song i wouldent love it so much
    because i am an athiest, just saying, not dogging on anyonees belifes caquse i think that would b BS:]

  3. CluelesshoboGangsta

    This song is Christian because it is a Christian band lol not trying to hate on you or your beliefs.

  4. samattoxify

    Well would you like if the people in the band came up to you and told you this song was a christian song? I dont really think you would really care. You wouldnt stop loving it just because it is a christian song. I dont even know you and I would be surprised if you changed your veiw on the song just because it would be a christian song.
    I dont know what it is… their is a bunch of debates on what kind of band they are.

  5. GH2Legend420

    OK let’s clear this up for everyone,
    They ARE a christian band, so that makes this a christian song,
    but just because it’s a christian band doesn’t mean they sit here and praise god,
    christian bands make music that has more emotion, worth and meaning,
    which means yes, it’s a love song,
    but sung by a christian band,
    and most christian bands are really good,
    like RED, Creed, Falling Up, Decyfer Down, and many others.

  6. soadfan676

    honestly i cuold care laees if they were a satan worshipping goat sacrificing band, im just saying…

  7. samattoxify

    it is a good song but i was just trying to say i dont think people should care about what type of band they are, just as long as you like the music you shouldnt care what they are labeled as.

  8. gibsonsg1090

    well if u say that then what do listen for in a band….lyrics r really important.

  9. gibsonsg1090

    I didnt no Creed was christian!! thats cool! But i agree a christian band doesnt have to be religious just have good morals. For example underoaths song “A boy bushed red living in black and white” is about fornification.

  10. samattoxify

    Agreed. Just the overall quality of the song and/or music. I listen to a decent variety of bands and I dont really pay attention to labels. If I like the overall work they have done then I will listen to them.

  11. ripplesandreflection

    One of the members said, “We believe faith is personal, and can be only held by an individual person. To entitle a group “Christian” would be to assume that the group has a collective soul, or at least individual souls tied to a solid collective belief. Not everyone in our band is decidedly set in their faith, and we respect that.”

    As for the christian bands singing with more emotion, worth, and meaning, it all depends on the artist dude. Christians are humans just like Atheists and Satanists.

  12. gaidensoilder23

    as for the christians are jsut humans like atheists and satanist… theres one BIG difference… we follow a God who SACRAFICED his LIFE for us, who LOVES us, and teaches not of HATE, but of FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE…. the greatest of these is LOVE!…. so theres a bit of a difference

  13. ripplesandreflection

    Are you trying to say that just because I dont have faith in god I can’t hope and love like a Christian can? I have no problem with religion in any aspect, but the majority of Christians think that just because someone doesn’t believe what they believe they are automatically bad people who don’t have the same capacity for compassion as they do. I understand I am flawed and Ive been a christian most of my life It’s not Christians I mind It’s those who are close minded that bother me godless or no

  14. gaidensoilder23

    I NEVER said that I was any worse or any better than anyone else because I was christian. Nowhere did I state that. I simply stated we FOLLOW a God who it that amazing… we as humans are nothing on our on, but with a God who is so amazing and loving, well, life is liveable. Im not saying were getter, cause as a human I am one of the most flwed out there… but I am FORGIVEN… so I am not better than any other person… I jsut FOLLOW a God who is so amazing he DIED for me and FORGAVE me…:)

  15. gaidensoilder23

    I would agree with both of you as well…. lyrics are probably the biggest thing for me… as much as songs are the artists personal expierience, they also become the listeners personal expierience… expecially through lyrics

  16. ripplesandreflection

    I understand what you’re saying. It’s just that the way everything was worded was suggesting that Christians are better people, which is not God’s message in the Christian religion. His message is that there is hope in love in EVERYONE, even the unsaved. So it frustrates me when I see Christians that appear close minded. Sorry for jumping to conclusions with you on that, though. I was just very frustrated.

  17. Perspective91

    Now I know why you used the black and white parts after watching the whole thing through.

  18. gaidensoilder23

    I appologize for woreding it funny… I intended only on saying we follow that God, and that his spirit lives in us, but we as peaople are no better…. and I agree, becasue I hate christians who do the same thing and in turn, represent Christ and God in a terrible way… in a nonLOVING way….

  19. chrispalasz

    I’m not a chump Youtuber. I’m a huge critic, and if something sucks, I voice it. Your video does NOT suck. Very impressive. Excellent job. I look forward to your other projects.

    Keep this up, and you’ll find the ropes and the recognition you need to do stuff like this professionally. Starting early is good.

    Good luck, great job. 5 stars

  20. tdlbr17

    wow. this is a really good video. dude, don’t put yourself down. you did a fantastic job on this. the song is great, and the video is just as great. i agree with chrispalasz: five stars.

  21. SandmanShimer

    This is an amazing music video. Definately chose the perfect song for it.

  22. rockfourchrist

    What city are you from?

  23. onasnowynight08

    your video is amazing, and has such a good meaning to it. The song fit so well, keep up the good work! great job

  24. MonsterofInsanity

    your so cute!! and this video is absolutely amazing………..fuckign awesome!!

  25. SuceeddedTurtle

    dude your pro! the song is amazing and the video is perfect i love it!

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