Scam School – Another Short Con with a Magic Bill

We’ve covered a few magic tricks, and we’ve covered a few street crimes. This episode we’re going to combine the two and get a magic trick that acts as a smokescreen for an actual crime.

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12 responses to “Scam School – Another Short Con with a Magic Bill”

  1. CyberSerbs

    first, like it

  2. brandont22

    second :P

  3. jcpfigueiras

    Haven’t yet seen. Just wanted to be third ;)

  4. Xaledo

    YES, a new Scam School! Thanks for a great program :)

  5. uback5

    94th whoora

  6. ghidfg

    y did my comment get deleted?

  7. metaphysikz101

    lol that was funny

  8. OmgThisGuy

    ooo this was a good one

  9. zab666

    too bad that this doesnt work with foreign bills (different colour)..

  10. zamoradude1

    i didnt get it

  11. dancerboy53

    Hmmm. . yea. . . isn’t defacing money illegal too? lol >.>

  12. JaredProject

    he switched the bill at 1:46, lol. then i bet the camera man stuck it in the cash register

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