Scam School – Another Short Con with a Magic Bill

We’ve covered a few magic tricks, and we’ve covered a few street crimes. This episode we’re going to combine the two and get a magic trick that acts as a smokescreen for an actual crime.

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20 responses to “Scam School – Another Short Con with a Magic Bill”

  1. nathancapman

    LOL nice

  2. TheRealJoni

    Second comment, yay xD?

  3. ghidfg

    oh wow genious

  4. polyphonicjeremy

    Ah, sweet spikey-haired, polite degenerate

  5. sinnerzinho


  6. TheRealJoni

    Bah.. why doesn’t it post when i click the post comment and first when i leave the video.. oh well.. Nice vid, too bad it’s a crime :[

  7. KuupersNL

    Social lubricant… That’s almost too good not to be used in a pickup-line.

  8. T1027Production


  9. Stumpy109

    he burned a dollar bill. what a moron.

  10. Dieseljcky

    Yeah but he gained $19

  11. keithbirnschein

    u have nevr burnd a $1 bill?
    thats sad

  12. Exile017

    maybe your the moron ..

  13. Stumpy109

    maybe your dead mom is moron.

  14. Boiq

    that’s a sick scam, if you actually practice it enough you could make around 15 bucks everytime you do it.

  15. somebodyelse2255

    ya because it is not worth it to get a one dollar drink.

  16. sbmacavinta

    I totally caught that!

  17. KronicDemon442

    i make 40. w 0.0 w

  18. gahzeyboe

    I saw that guy passing him, and I was eyeing him.. Little suspicious…

  19. 147pollard

    It does not work. WHo is that bartender, give you 20$ to burn it? fake and looser

  20. goon2goblin1234

    its not even a scam it goes bak in2 the register so how does it work 4 u?

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