Sept 15th 2009

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  1. boogiechillen123

    Blacks are violent animals. You get a group of animals in a pack like that and they go into pack mode, like wolves or other animals. They attack anything thats not like them. I remember 8 months ago when Obama was elected, dipshit liberals spouted on and on about how the race problem was finally solved…what a crock of shit. Blacks will never be civilized like whites, sure theres some out there, but the monkey baboon ape motherfuckers will still reign. As for me, I’m buying a Glock.

  2. bigkurtis26

    fucking right!!

  3. bigkurtis26

    What would everyone be saying if it was a bus full of white people and the victim was black? They would be screaming racism. Animals like this deserve the same treatment or worse, and need to be locked up in jail even if they are juveniles. A attack like that deserves the book being throw at them especially that second cowardly punk!!

  4. BlueHawaii1950

    Somebody should’ve helped him

  5. aandrew01

    Where’s Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson now?
    If it were a black kid getting beat up by white kids with a bus load of whites kids cheering them on, they would be on camera in a matter if minutes calling for a firing squad.

  6. Snitzky666

    This is why I HATE black people !! If black people in the US could have there way, they would kill all whites. Blacks in the US are the most racist people on the planet. Black people are a plague in the US and should be sent back to Africa. There is going to be a violent race war in the future in the US. Blacks vs Whites. With the Blacks starting it of course.
    Get ready Whites, these people want you DEAD !!


    I once read that Jesse Jackson is quoted saying all black kids should kill one white man before they become an adult – and accountable for their actions. Now Google “JESSE JACKSON KILL WHITE.”

  8. tickyul

    It’s genetic. Black have a higher amount of free testosterone and more testosterone receptors. This may make for a very good primitive warrior or sex fiend, but causes the negro to be a very poor fit for a modern society. I would advise all Human Americans to remember that negro’s are not really humans at all, as witnessed by this video. They are just a different species of ape.

  9. 22sickness22

    this is why i hate niggers. there a bunch of pussies. cant act by themselves. never can fight one on one.

  10. Josephandalice

    I would have been shooting blacks the next day. Then believe me then the news would hear about it.

  11. SamuelAging

    The comments here are sickening.

    You all KNOW that white people are just as capable of acting as a mob as blacks are. It has NOTHING to do with skin color. White, black, yellow, purple….doesn’t matter. ALL PEOPLE ARE CAPABLE OF SICKENING ACTS LIKE THIS.

    Don’t be fools.

  12. chrishoward100

    yeah bullshit.. every white person knows that before u get into a fight with a nigger, u better look around first cuz your gonna be fighting every jungle monkey in sight as well. I promise u not a single one of those niggers on that bus has the balls to fight on his own. But whats funny, if u talk to a black when he’s not around all his homies he almost seems like a normal person.. but as soon as he’s with his friends he’s acting like a nigger again. And im not a racist, im a realist.

  13. boogiechillen123

    The difference is that if you flip the scenario, a single black kid on a bus with whites rooting on a white kid beating a black kid, you can’t even imagine it, you don’t see it! Yet you see case after case of blacks beating and killing whites. The rage from ppl here is because the media only cares when its a white person supposedly abusin a black person, like the Duke rape scandal from a few years back where a black woman accused the white lacrosse team of rape and the media ate it up. it was bs

  14. Ginosrule

    I have one word…”COLUMBINE”, except this kid only goes after the blacks that did this to him and maybe a few more for good measure. Wake up people, the “RACE WAR” is only going to get worse, trust me.

  15. Ginosrule

    What the reported should of said is this:
    “the attackers are a bunch of Watermelon-slurping, Banana-eating, Tree-climbing, Knuckle-dragging, Big-lip Niggers who are barely one evolution stage above Monkey Apes!!!

  16. Josephandalice

    This is a perfect example of why we should just go back to segregation. We be so much better off.

  17. Josephandalice

    How come white people let this shit happen. They did that do my kid I be shooting the next day.

  18. Josephandalice

    You forgot Porch Monkey COONS.

  19. WhiteIGNITERS

    WHITE PARENTS march on that school and DEMAND JUSTICE FOR YOUR WHITE CHILDREN ! if this is the way black children treat white children SOMETHING IS WRONG ! WHITE TAX PAYERS PAY FOR THAT SCHOOL IF THEIR CHILDREN CANNOT ATTEND THE SCHOOL IN SAFTEY THEN they should not pay taxes on the school and deduct the amount of taxes they pay for the school ! lol !

  20. nunatic1234


    this is what they would normaly be doing if not ruining the public schools

  21. islandcop

    Racism at it’s ugliest. Ironically if the color of the skin was reversed the video would of been on the headlines for more than a few hours and Sharpton, Obama, and Jackson would of been making speeches denouncing the entire White race. One way street!

  22. islandcop

    It time to stand up for what is right. There is far too much reversed discrimination going and it’s time to demand justice. It is complete BS that more stars and politicians haven’t spoke out about this video; they are afraid to upset the minorities. Shouldn’t matter, what is wrong is wrong, regardless of race. The two punk bullies need to be punished to the FULLEST extent.

  23. badesa04

    this is sad. i am originally from africa but went high school here. i had a few friends who went thru same kind of issues in high school. anyways all those kids on the bus cheering should be suspened for goods. they are racisit even toward a black people. i think african american high school students need to grow up interms of race. they are just ideot! i am always proud to be black african respecting people equally.

  24. badesa04

    you don’t have to include all blacks with others that comits action toward one person. some people are racist , some are not. so don’t talk nonsense there is no diference between black or white or asian and white or what ever color you have. god created all of us equally. so don’t think that if you are white or black doesn’t mean that you are better thatn the other.


    I agree, it’s lack of decency not a case of color. We dodge the issue when we make it racial. Let the clowns do that. Don’t be a clown.

  26. jason

    I notice none of you ignorant twits said anything about the black boy who eventually held the boy back,oh no – all as bad as eachother!

    if you only have love for your own race
    Then you only leave space to discriminate
    And to discriminate only generates hate,
    And when you hate then you’re bound to get irate,
    Badness is what you demonstrate
    And that’s exactly how anger works and operates..

    You people are doing exactly what you hate ‘coloured people’ doing – generating hate,causing problems…grow up!

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